Brandon Jacinto

Brandon Jacinto is a Silicon Valley native, having grown up in Gilroy, CA. His life has revolved around sports ever since he was 5 years old, so the transition into weightlifting and Personal Training was natural. After achieving his 2nd degree blackbelt, competing in numerous tournaments, and playing many basketball games, injuries became a common occurrence for Brandon. However, injuries only inspired Brandon to get into working out so that his body would be able to get stronger and be functional without injury.

Exercise opened Brandon’s eyes to the fitness world and began to learn more about exercise and more efficient ways to build muscle in a safe manner. Brandon started training his close friends and sharing his knowledge. He was proud to see how much they progressed and was even more thrilled to see his friends have more confidence in their bodies. This inspired Brandon to become a Personal Trainer. During this time, he found a company that matched his training philosophy; The Perfect Workout and it was there he found his home.

Brandon believes in slow-motion strength training because it puts your muscles under constant tension, while also keeping your joints safe. He’s implemented the slow-motion techniques in his own training, and he has seen the amazing results and benefits that can come from slowing it down and creating that mind-muscle connection.

One of the things that Brandon loves about being a trainer is getting to work with a lot of unique people. Everybody has their own story, their own motivations, and their own goals for being here and Brandon wants to help guide all of his clients at The Perfect Workout to where they want to be. He believes that his reward is seeing people get the results they want from the hard work that they put in.

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