Charley Sklar

Charley Sklar was born and raised in Napa Valley. Since she can remember, she loved participating in everything active that beautiful Northern California had to offer. She loved to hike, climb, snowboard, and surf. Most of all, she loved to dance. At fourteen she left home after receiving a scholarship for a pre-professional ballet and modern dance program in Southern California. After regular high school classes in the morning, Charley would spend six hours in the studio training in hopes of being offered a spot in a professional company. The program expected perfection and the dancers were taught to work through pain, and Charley was not immune, she found herself dealing with regular foot pain.

Over a year later, she finally went to a doctor after a fall in rehearsal was causing spasms in her back, and she was told that she had been dancing on an untreated foot fracture. Charley tried everything from physical therapy to acupuncture, but after a few more months, she made the difficult decision to leave dance.

Charley’s pain continued for three years. It was difficult to get through a simple workout in the gym and nearly impossible to enjoy all the outdoor activities she had always loved. However, after only one training session with The Perfect Workout, Charley was amazed at how intensely she was able to work her body without any discomfort from her old injuries! With two sessions a week, she has now been able to resume her old hobbies with more strength and less pain than ever before.

“I am so grateful that I found slow-motion strength training. Learning how to properly engage these muscles has helped me maintain proper alignments in day to day life.” Inspired to keep getting stronger, Charley wanted to learn more about the exercise. She took steps to become a Personal Trainer and in 2018 she became certified with The Perfect Workout.

As a trainer in the Mill Valley studio, Charley loves helping others reach their own goals and improve their quality of life in a supportive and safe environment. “I love getting to know the clients so that I can make a plan to best serve them. Also, hearing about how our program has brought them so much joy by helping them do the things that they love to do brings me joy too!”

Charley wants to continue to expand her knowledge of healthy habits and how to help people implement them. She plans to complete her Yoga teacher certification and health coach certification so she can better help people create a healthier lifestyle and prevent injuries.

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