Courtney Andersen

Born and raised in San Diego, Courtney spent most of her childhood running from one sport to the next. Whether it was tennis, volleyball, basketball, or a competitive game of dodgeball, she would dive in headfirst ready to leave it all on the court. She has always loved any opportunity to challenge herself and grow stronger. As Courtney grew older, this drive for competition for sports transformed into a passion for health and fitness.

Because of her love for physical activity, Courtney began to pursue a degree in Health Science (Healthy Lifestyle Coaching). After graduating, she decided to become a personal trainer and got her ACE Personal Training Certification.  Courtney couldn’t wait to put her knowledge into practice! When she first heard about The Perfect Workout, she knew it was the job for her.

“The concept of slow-motion strength training blew me away. I have never tried anything like it!”

Since working at The Perfect Workout, she has loved spending time one on one with each client helping them push towards their goals.

“It makes me proud to see my clients working so hard each and every week to push towards their goal of becoming a healthier and stronger person.”

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