Dan Iddings

Dan was a very active kid growing up and played many different sports. He began lifting weights in middle school to get his body ready for the high school level. In high school he played baseball and basketball, but his primary focus was on football.

After graduating high school, he gained 30 unwanted pounds. After doing some research on nutrition and fat loss, he began eating six mini-meals a day, continued his weight training, and began to lose the weight. “I believe hard work, determination and dedication are the keys to success.”

Soon, Dan was practically living in the gym doing everything from power lifting and yoga to P90X and extreme cardio. You name it, he did it. He managed to keep those 30 pounds off, but began to understand that more isn’t always better. He had managed his weight, but had suffered many injuries in the process. “My shoulders and knees hated me. Throwing heavy weights around for hours in the gym damaged my rotator cuffs, and my knees were screaming from too much running.”

He had co-owned a delivery and assembly business that specialized in fitness equipment. He enjoyed helping others with their path to a healthier lifestyle, but he wanted more. He wanted to help others achieve their goals, but on a more personal level. He knew he wanted to become a personal trainer, but wanted to make sure it was the right company with the same goals and visions as his own.

In 2015, Dan found The Perfect Workout, and it was love at first sight! The workout was not only challenging, but safe and efficient. After he had completed two weeks of workouts, he started to feel his shoulders becoming stronger and healthier. “I am a true believer in The Perfect Workout’s revolutionary approach to exercise and love motivating others to achieve their fitness goals for a healthier lifestyle. Say goodbye to ‘more is better’ and say hello to ‘less is more’!”

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