Danielle Vizcarra

She was born and raised in San Diego along with two older brothers, which brought out her competitive side from the very beginning. She was put in every sport you can think of starting at the age of 4. She started playing competitive soccer at the age of 8 and continued through high school and college which gave her the opportunity to become part of a travel team. With her love of sports and exercise, she ended up getting my Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology at Cal State Long Beach. This is when she found a whole new appreciation for the human body and the value of strength training.

She started strength training in college and continued to notice results and increases in her strength beyond college. After college, she knew she wanted to be a personal trainer and change people's lives through exercise.

She came across The Perfect Workout and is grateful she did! She was in complete shock with how effective slow-motion strength training is and realized how much she was overtraining and injuring her body with other methods she used.

Now, she’s never felt stronger! The ability to change lives and do so in 20 minutes, twice a week seems like dream but she’s happy to be able to make those dreams a reality.

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