Dayna Carson

Born in San Diego and raised in Temecula, CA. She has always had a strong passion for health, fitness, injury prevention, and rehabilitation. 
Currently, Dayna is attending Howard University where she’s working towards a bachelor’s degree in Sports Medicine. However, she’s always been active and interested in sports. Dayna grew up as a competitive cheerleader and a soccer player. But while attending Murrieta Mesa High school realized track and field was her passion and where she excelled. Dayna became a top 10 jumper in the entire state of California, but after breaking her hip and experiencing a handful of torn muscles and pinched nerves, her doctor advised her to leave track and field. 
Once making the decision to defer form college athletics, Dayna knew she didn’t want to leave the exercise world and changed her major from biology to Sports Medicine.  Because injuries took a toll on Dayna’s body and her future plans, she brings passion and deep or level of understanding for safe and effective exercise. 
She is hoping to continue her studies for Sports Medicine and Motor Learning after she graduates from Howard with Honors. 
Dayna is outgoing and a competitive athlete at heart. She currently spends her time at home with family, trying new restaurants, reading, and swimming at the beach. She is also a volunteer Athletic Trainer at her Alma mater in Murrieta. Dayna grew up coaching youth cheer and baseball teams. And is ecstatic to begin coaching anyone who walks through the doors. She knows first-hand that exercise can change your life in more ways than one and wants you to experience it too!

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