Diane Truskin

Diane Truskin has always been involved with physical fitness. After being on her high school gymnastics team and while achieving a Bachelor’s of Science degree in college, she taught gymnastics at the local Y and was a lifeguard there for many years.

Diane spent 25 years in customer service and during that time she continued to work out at the gym and coached many people using her workout successes. Diane obtained her Personal Training License and has continued to pursue her passion for physical fitness, even after an entire career in customer service. She has explored many types of workouts, but nothing compares to the slow-motion workout technique she uses at The Perfect Workout.

She finds that slow-lifting speeds give her the best results as her body matures. “I am stronger and can see a more toned result in my body with slow-motion strength training!“

Diane is eager to share her experience and success with as many clients as possible at The Perfect Workout. She is proof that a toned and strong body can be achieved whether you are a young adult, middle aged, or a senior, and that the slow-motion strengthening is safe and effective.

Being physically active is very important to Diane, since she needs to keep up with her growing family. She has been married for 39 years and has 2 grown children and 2 young grandsons. Her many hobbies include involvement with varying types of youth support groups, but most of her hobbies involve exercise. She loves to ride her bike, be in the gym, and jump on the trampoline with her grandchildren!

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