Emily Elpedes

Since the age of 10, Emily has enjoyed and regularly partaken in various fitness activities including: cycling, weight training, running, high intensity interval training, kickboxing, hiking, step, and yoga. She has also dedicated three years of her life to Taekwondo and ranks today as a red belt with black stripe.

Given her exercise experience with primarily fast-paced, power driven workouts, Emily understands the potential for participant injury. Her consistent involvement in turbo-kickboxing during high-school caused wear and tear on her plantar fascia. What drew Emily to The Perfect Workout was the focus on participant safety without compromise to the efficacy of the participant’s workout. Having experienced The Perfect Workout’s slow-motion strength training herself, Emily believes and claims that, “The Perfect Workout is definitely a challenge”. She partakes in The Perfect Workout at least twice a week and can see and feel the results as a cause of doing so.

Emily highly values holistic health and is a firm believer that developing and sustaining physical fitness is a major key to living a healthy, more enjoyable life. She likes to maintain an active lifestyle not just for herself, but to be healthy and present for the ones she loves and cares for. In her free time, she loves nothing more than to spend time with her family or friends. Emily seeks to assist others in achieving their goals (fitness related or not) and aspires to share a positive outlook on exercise in relation to life.

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