Emily Gaines

Emily Gaines’ love for fitness and health has been growing ever since she was a young girl. As she got older and learned more about the vital roles nutrition and strength training played in living a long healthy life, she wanted to share that with the people she loved. Her desire to help other’s lead healthier lives helped to ultimately shape her path to becoming a Personal Trainer at The Perfect Workout.

In February 2014, Emily enhanced her existing nutritional coaching background and finished her Personal Training Certification. She joined The Woodlands studio where she began revolutionizing lives with slow-motion strength training. “I enjoy the relationships I build with people. I feel like my clients are my family.”

In addition to building close relationships with her clients, Emily has helped dozens of people at The Perfect Workout improve their bodies and their health. She’s had several clients who were able to stop taking cholesterol and high blood pressure medication. Many of her clients are able now able to travel and go hiking and walk around as tourists, and go snow skiing and scuba diving on their vacations.

“My clients have made it through major surgeries because they have built up strength before they had their procedure and are able to recover much faster. My clients lose weight and feel good in their clothes. Their relationships change for the better because they feel so much better about themselves. They have more energy and feel accomplished and healthy!”

Emily has felt the positive effects of slow-motion training personally as well. “I am super strong. I am able to train very intensely and controlled, I have increased muscle and decreased body fat.”

Emily believes The Woodlands studio has the best energy and her team has fun while they work on their health together and with clients. She enjoys getting to know her clients on a personal level and helping them through their journey and invites you to work with The Perfect Workout team.

“This workout will change your life and how your exercise for the rest of your life. You will feel stronger a more equipped to take on anything.”

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