Francesca Romani

As a three-sport athlete in high school playing soccer, basketball and lacrosse, Francesca grew up incredibly passionate about fitness. Her competitive drive and love for health and wellness grew stronger over the course of her collegiate career. Once she got to Penn State she realized it wasn’t just a hobby, it would be her future career. Her first step was a degree from Penn State in Kinesiology, specializing in Exercise Science.

During her time in college, Francesca also played collegiate basketball, taught group fitness classes, and received an ACSM Personal Trainer Certification. She had studied slow-motion training in biomechanics courses and also used a form of slow-motion training when she was rehabbing her torn ACL.

With a Personal Trainer certification in-hand and a relationship with slow-motion strength training, Francesca was ecstatic when she was referred to The Perfect Workout by a family friend. After learning more about the company and its core values, she knew The Perfect Workout would be an amazing company to continue her career with. Francesca began her certification at The Perfect Workout and joined the Jenkintown team in August of 2016.

Since then, Francesca has been helping clients change their bodies and the quality of their lives. One of Francesca’s clients, Maxine, suffered from Lyme disease which seriously affected the right side of her body. When she first came to The Perfect Workout, she could barely walk up the steps. “Every month she tells me how much better she feels with the strength she has gained.” She’s gone from not being able to walk up the stairs to being able to carry her 9-month old granddaughter, a bag on her back, and another bag in her other arm up 4 floors without stopping! “Stories like these are the reason we do what we do.”

Francesca’s personal health and fitness has improved dramatically as well. After tearing her ACL in high school, she went to physical therapy for 2 years to build back strength and it never seemed to get any stronger. Since implementing slow-motion strength training years ago, Francesca’s leg strength has improved tremendously and her knee pain has subsided.

In January 2017 Francesca got the opportunity to become Facility Manager of the Ardmore studio and it’s been one of the best changes in her life. “There is no other place I would rather be. I am excited and motivated to walk into work every day, and that is something I never want to give up.” As a Facility Manager, Francesca is committed to making sure her trainers are getting the coaching and guidance they need to be the best possible trainers they can be.

“My goal is to inspire my trainers to work as hard as they can for themselves and our clients, and I do that by maintaining a positive culture that helps motivate our trainers.” Francesca believes that The Perfect Workout’s culture pushes its trainers and clients to be the best they can be and that is why The Perfect Workout is a leader in the strength training industry.

Along with her love for fitness Francesca enjoys going to the Jersey Shore, hiking, traveling, cooking, spending time with her Fiancée and taking their 6lb Yorkie, Diesel, for walks. “I am super competitive and a complete sports enthusiast. I love every Philadelphia sports team but mainly those EAGLES!”

Francesca currently leads the largest studio in the Philadelphia area, and she has plans to keep growing. “I want to completely dedicate myself to fitness and health and be able to help as many people as possible achieve their goals and maintain them.”

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