Gino Graziani

Gino Graziani is happiest and healthiest when on the soccer field. He played competitive soccer from a young age all the way through college. Gino loves athletics so it was natural for him to embark on a career in Fitness. For four years, Gino was a Physical Education teacher for kids K-6. He took great personal satisfaction in fitness and loved instilling that into a younger generation.

As he continued to learn more about exercise and body mechanics, Gino wanted deepen his impact by working with individuals in a more personalized setting. He had been referred to The Perfect Workout by a friend and he felt like the slow-motion strength training was both extremely effective and aligned to his ideology of exercise. Gino became a Certified Personal Trainer and joined The Perfect Workout’s Menlo Park team where he’s been training clients since 2016.

“I love having the opportunity to really get to know the people I train. When I have a better understanding of someone’s behaviors and habits, it’s easier to help guide them with dietary advice and coach them through the workout towards the results they are looking for.”

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