Joon Baek

Joon Baek graduated with an Exercise Science Degree from the University of Houston. Shortly after he was introduced to The Perfect Workout and our unique method of strength training. After trying it for himself, he was pleasantly surprised at what he felt.

“I felt my muscles engaged in a way that I normally wouldn’t after a regular workout at the gym, and in a much shorter time as well. The efficiency of this slow motion weight lifting is what makes me such a passionate advocate of the method and a big motivation that led me to join ] The Perfect Workout team.”

Now that Joon is a Certified Trainer in our River Oak’s studio he is getting the chance to share his passion of exercise science and our effective method with clients each day. “I really look forward to the moments when a client tells me they can feel their muscles now, and that they have accomplished their goals through our personal training sessions together.”

All of the trainers at The Perfect Workout aim to help our clients achieve their goals and improve their quality of life through slow motion strength training, and to help them feel more confident about their physical capabilities every day. “I like to push clients hard but at the same time, I take great care in making sure that I am not pushing them too far past their limit, ensuring that they receive a good workout but are able to keep coming in for their sessions!”

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