Kevin Wierzgac

Kevin Wierzgak has had a strong passion for health and fitness since he was 12 years old and now wants to share his love for exercise with you! Kevin spent years coaching and playing football in high school as well as at Aurora University. Early on, Kevin experienced ACL and meniscus tears which caused him to have reparative surgeries and countless hours of rehabilitation. During his rehabilitation, he learned how much more important strength training was in maintaining a healthy body.

Among his many coaching talents, Kevin is an avid guitar player and often plays out with his dad’s rock band. He likes to correlate playing an instrument and exercise because you need patience, dedication, and consistency in order to see the results you desire. He now gets the opportunity to help his clients at The Perfect Workout apply these concepts and experience their own fitness results.

Kevin’s mission is to make sure his clients experience a satisfying workout by working hard and having fun while doing it!

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