Kristoffer Rivera

Kris Rivera is originally from the Philippines, where his active lifestyle began with running around with friends and family and always playing games. He moved to the United States at the age of 10 and grew up in Horsham, PA. Kris loved the sport of basketball and played competitively at the high-school level for Team Philippines. He graduated from Youngstown State University with his degree in Exercise Science, where his passion for helping others through exercise was cultivated.

“I decided to go into the fitness industry because I really enjoyed exercise and working out. To be able to do that while helping others is a win-win for me.” Kris began his career at a nonprofit using exercise to help clients who suffered from stroke, spina bifida, Multiple Sclerosis, and other chronic illnesses. After spending time away from home, he went back to his hometown, where he discovered The Perfect Workout. As a fitness enthusiast, Kris was excited to learn about super slow strength training because of its efficiency, safety, and results. He quickly knew he belonged on The Perfect Workout’s training team and ultimately became a Certified Personal Trainer.

“I feel that I’m stronger than I’ve ever been through Slow-Motion Strength Training. However, being able to help people achieve change and reach their goals is probably the best part about The Perfect Workout. I love hearing about clients and their progress and successes while being alongside them through challenges and obstacles.”

One of Kris’ clients in particular dealt with a sensitive low back injury when she first joined The Perfect Workout. She began the Leg Press machine at 90 pounds and has more than doubled her strength to where she can now push 190 pounds!

Kris has such a strong passion for helping people become and remain healthy. His empathetic approach to meet clients where they are has made him very successful in helping clients commit to their workouts and achieve results. “I love people and am 100% committed to helping clients reach their goals.”

Kris wants to make a positive impact on each of his clients’ lives through exercise, especially through The Perfect Workout’s super slow training method. “The Perfect Workout is the perfect place to start or continue your health and exercise journey. It’s never too late to start and we will be there to help every step of the way!”

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