Liz Talavera

Liz’s passion for health and fitness started at the young age of 8, making up dance and fitness routines in her living room. At the age of 10, she had her first set of dumbbells, and it just went on from there. She was always fascinated with the mechanics of the human body, and how nutrition and exercise affect it. Not surprisingly, in college, she studied Kinesiology, Nutrition, and Exercise Science and taught fitness classes.

Today, Liz is a busy wife and mother of three very active boys. Her strong desire, passion, and drive for success in the world of fitness helped Liz achieve her goal of becoming a certified Personal Trainer through the National Federation of Personal Trainers and The Perfect Workout. This has given her the skills and knowledge to help her coach her clients through performing advanced exercises more safely and effectively.

In Liz’s pursuit to put her Personal Trainer certification in effect, she immediately began teaching exercise in group fitness classes and even competed in a fitness competition. It wasn’t until she found The Perfect Workout that she felt like she found the environment that matched her skills and desire to impact clients 1-on-1. After a month of interviews, Liz was hand-selected to join the Dallas team of trainers.

She began her journey as a Personal Trainer in the Park Cities studio and was promoted a year later to the West Plano studio. Liz was a natural fit to coach clients 1-on-1. “I grasped it right away.” In fact, the semi-private setting was the exact type of environment Liz had in mind when she entered the field of fitness. “I love being able to build relationships with my clients. It’s an honor and so rewarding being able to help people feel better, reach their health and fitness goals and enhance the quality of their lives.”

Slow-motion strength training has enhanced Liz’s life as well. “I have become significantly stronger since incorporating the slow-motion method.” Getting trained by her fellow trainers, alongside Intermittent Fasting has actually helped Liz lose 25 pounds! “I am the most confident I have ever been and I get to share these tools with people every day.”

Teaching her clients the importance of safe strength training and proper nutrition ignites so much joy for Liz. One of her most memorable clients was in West Plano. This client hadn’t weighed under 300 pounds in over 15 years. She and Liz worked hard on her consistent workouts and nutrition until she reached her goal. “The day she stepped on the scale and weighed 298 pounds … I’ll never forget it.”

After a year and a half of being the West Plano Manager, Liz and her family moved down to the Houston, Texas area. Luckily, The Perfect Workout has studios there and Liz was able to continue training clients and leading trainers in The Woodlands location where she remains today.

Being a natural leader, Liz has goals to keep growing and being a role model for her kids, trainers and clients. She hopes that her example will spark success in her studio and will help the development of her trainers.

Liz is always reaching to become the best version of herself so she can help pave the same path for others. “I want to continue managing and hopefully be a Regional Manager one day. I also plan to study functional nutrition and pursue becoming a nutritionist so I can help my clients even more.”

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