Madeline Malerich

Madeline Malerich has been involved in fitness all her life, playing everything from soccer to field hockey growing up. When she began taking up long-distance running, she began to experience knee and ankle problems, and quickly realized the need for additional strength training in order to prevent injuries. That’s when she discovered slow-motion strength training!

After Madeline graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a degree in Public Health, she moved to Philadelphia, PA. She was looking to begin her health and wellness career with a position that would give her hands-on experience in the fields of nutrition, exercise, and weight loss/chronic disease prevention. Madeline found that The Perfect Workout was the ideal environment for her with its all-encompassing, hands-on certification and highly beneficial exercise method.

In 2018, Madeline earned her Personal Trainer certification and began working with clients all over the Philadelphia region. Today she trains in Ardmore, Paoli and Huntingdon Valley studios. “I was sold from my first workout. I was totally convinced that the method truly does work and that it is something that I would love to share with others!”

Being a long-distance runner for over a decade now, Madeline is excited to have incorporated slow-motion strength training. “I can’t imagine my fitness regimen without it.” In addition to the results she helps her clients get at The Perfect Workout, Madeline particularly enjoys the semi-private environment. “1-on-1 training is crucial to keeping the workout safe and efficient. It allows us to give personal attention to form, speed, breathing, and the amount of resistance each client is using.” She also loves the personal connection that each Trainer is able to develop with their clients. “It’s nice to have the opportunity to not only help people but to hear about their lives, struggles, victories, and stories, and to share laughs.”

In her free time, Madeline likes to spend time with her parents, four siblings, and husband, play ultimate Frisbee, go on long runs/hikes, and find beautiful views to photograph. Once her husband completes medical school, Madeline plans to get her PhD in Chronic Disease Prevention and Nutrition. She’s also working towards qualifying for the Boston Marathon.

Madeline has long been passionate about helping others to dream big and achieve their goals. She enjoys the opportunity that The Perfect Workout gives her to do just that.

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