Melissa Brown

California native, Melissa fell in love with fitness and nutrition when she moved to Alabama for college. While studying Musical Theatre, she found herself wanting to share the importance of health and fitness with her classmates. She realized that most of her peers found the gym intimidating. In addition, they often struggled to find time to workout and understand how to exercise effectively. She decided to share her love of exercise and help them.

After training her classmates, Melissa noticed a steady improvement in strength, mental health, positivity, and physical capability. They were no longer running out of breath while climbing the campus hill to class, test scores were improving, and relationships were becoming stronger. This set the stage for Melissa eventually earning her Personal Trainer Certification.

But During those college years, Melissa experienced a setback: numerous concussions. She was finally diagnosed with a chronic illness. She went from dancing every day, to battling chronic fatigue and several debilitating treatments.

In the following months of recovery, Melissa spent time struggling with weakness and incapability, and knew she wanted to do her best to prevent others from experiencing that feeling.

This motivation led to her discovery of slow-motion strength training—She was amazed to find a method that just about anyone could do, regardless of injury or age or fear. Now, Melissa loves being part of The Perfect Workout team – a team that truly rejoices with their clients in every victory and dedicates themselves to each client’s goal as if it were their own.

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