Morgan Young

After changing her own health through slow-motion strength training, Morgan is helping her clients at The Perfect Workout do the same.

After losing 150 pounds in a very short period of time, Morgan discovered that weight loss does not always equal strength gain.

Daily tasks became harder to perform and her overall quality of life was no better than when she was heavier.

“I always felt tired and lethargic. I didn't understand because I had not only met, but fully surpassed my weight loss goal, and I felt worse off for it. Walking around the grocery store felt like running a marathon”.

Morgan knew she needed to rebuild her strength in order to improve her quality of life. She started incorporating more movement and exercise at home. She slowly began to regain her strength and consequently started feeling better.

She learned the importance of gaining muscle, not just losing fat, but was still intimidated by traditional weight lifting and exercise programs.

Everything changed when she found the slow-motion workout method. Once she experienced it for herself, Morgan knew she had to learn all she could about the method so she could help change other peoples lives with it.

Now, a Certified Personal Trainer, Morgan is ready and willing to guide you on the road to a healthier life too!

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