Nora Neely

Ball of energy, Nora Neely, played most sports growing up, from softball, soccer, and basketball to gymnastics, track and field, and cheerleading. She was constantly “beating up” her body with jarring movements, overuse and little downtime (if any) for recovery. After graduating from Baylor University, Nora expanded her love for running and ran several half marathons and tested the waters with more traditional strength training and boot camps.

“Essentially, I ran my body into the ground and wound up with a torn meniscus, torn MCL and displaced patella along with several bouts of stress fractures, shin splints in both shins and issues with my shoulder popping out of the socket. It was time for a change!”

Nora discovered slow-motion strength training, and quickly found that she could protect her knees after surgery and help prevent more injuries, all while consistently being able to workout. “The Perfect Workout has truly transformed the way I look at exercise, my own fitness journey and my approach to workouts. I used to be an absolute workout junkie, doing everything and anything that would be considered movement at the gym. Instead of spending hours in the gym 6 days a week, I now workout at The Perfect Workout and can enjoy my extracurricular activities pain-free.”

In addition to being a Certified Personal Trainer at The Perfect Workout, Nora is also an ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor, Yoga Alliance 200 Hour Yoga Teacher, CPR/AED certified and has worked for a medical device company with dietitians and physicians, and taught English overseas for 3 years, making her extremely experienced in working with people of all ages and ability levels. “I live, breathe, talk and LOVE fitness and nutrition!”

Nora really values the one-on-one training sessions with her clients, and helping them achieve their goals and improve their quality of life. She loves being a part of a team and company where all of the trainers really care and are committed to their clients and their own health and fitness journey.

“What we do is evidence-based, safe and effective and it's something that everyone can do, which allows me to work with young people and seniors looking for workout guidance. I love that The Perfect Workout encourages us to grow, learn and continue to educate ourselves and I am incredibly impressed with my own results and how my body has responded to the super-slow protocol.”

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