Kevin Pomeroy

Growing up in Half Moon Bay, California, Kevin has a deep connection to the Bay Area.

He began his athletic career at age 3 after his parents found him doing pull-ups on the kitchen drawers!  Seeing his display of athleticism and proclivity for tumbling, Kevin’s parents signed him up for gymnastics right away where he would spend his youth developing his acrobatic skills.

Transitioning to the sport of springboard and platform diving in middle school, Kevin sustained a back injury that prevented him from participating in the activity he loved so much.  Having searched in a variety of places for a way to heal his back pain and seeing little to no relief in each, Kevin began working with a personal trainer to get stronger.  He not only found the results he was looking for quickly but discovered a sustainable, long-term solution that would help him achieve his athletic and personal goals for many years to come.

Kevin was recruited on scholarship to the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he would continue his diving career while pursuing a degree in history and a minor in graphic design. During his time in the weight rooms there, he developed a passion for strength training and the processes involved in helping people get stronger. He loves the positive and productive attitude of the fitness environment and the people who make it that way.  As part of The Perfect Workout family, Kevin is eager to help people meet their fitness goals and stay active!

Sabrina Van Tresse

“Training is a special time to bring the body and mind into balance, which helps us cultivate wellness in all other areas of our life!”

Sabrina Van Treese didn’t grow up with this mentality. In fact, she used to dread P.E., sports and felt like exercise wasn’t something she could ever enjoy.

After a few years of working in the restaurant industry, Sabrina was faced with severe anxiety, depression, and low-self esteem from increased weight gain. Desperate to make a change, Sabrina committed to a gym, a trainer, and worked the weight off after months of hard work.

While the weight loss was what she was hoping for, what Sabrina gained through training was so much more important. Increased self-efficacy, balanced mental health, energy, confidence, and most importantly: the desire to help other people have positive exercise experiences. This was the driving force that pushed her to go back to school, and completely change careers.

While working towards a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology from California State University, Fullerton, Sabrina worked as an aide for two years at a chiropractic clinic learning about the importance of spinal health.

She then spent another two years working as a physical therapy aide in a clinic specializing in Pilates. This influenced Sabrina’s philosophy as a trainer, emphasizing safety, developing appropriate modifications, and correcting muscular imbalance through strict form correction.

As a Personal Trainer for The Perfect Workout, Sabrina gets to share that philosophy every day with her clients.

When not in the studio, Sabrina enjoys yoga, Pilates, reading fantasy novels, playing board games with friends, and live music with her husband. Sabrina is also an avid fan of arts and crafts and is always working on mastering a new skill or technique.

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