Raechel Larson

Growing up, Raechel’s mom was a Personal Trainer and would bring Raechel to the gym while she taught aerobics classes. As she got older, Raechel stayed active and became involved in dance, which she continues to love and make time for today. Noticing how dance and exercise improved her life, she wanted to help others feel those same improvements. She set her focus on making her passion a career and pursued a Degree in Kinesiology.

After graduating college, Raechel was working at David’s Bridal when a trainer from The Perfect Workout, Charlotte, came in for a fitting. In the middle of her fitting, Charlotte took a call from a client to help them with an issue. Raechel was struck by the amount of personal attention and care Charlotte was giving the client, especially on her day off. Raechel decided to check out The Perfect Workout to see learn more about the company. That decision changed her life and her career path. 

After going through a tough interview and an intense workout, Raechel felt that her approach aligned with The Perfect Workout’s philosophy and environment. She took the next step in her fitness career and joined our team of Personal Trainers in November 2015.  

Raechel quickly became one of the first nutrition coaches in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. In addition to coaching clients through workouts, she guided many of those clients to successful weight loss results. One success led to the next, and her experience as a nutrition coach helped land her a new opportunity with The Perfect Workout as Facility Manager of the West Plano studio.  

Being a Personal Trainer and the Facility Manager of a studio is a lot of responsibility, but Raechel feels that being in both roles is extremely rewarding. She loves helping people gain a better quality of life and get stronger both physically and mentally. “The 1-on-1 dynamic allows me to pay special attention to each client’s form and make sure they’re staying safe.”  She and her team love working with clients because they get to see firsthand how slow-motion strength training can be adapted and individualized for anyone. The trainers work together to make sure they are doing the absolute best to apply our method of training to all of the West Plano clients, regardless of age, body type, or fitness level.

As Facility Manager, Raechel loves coming to work and leading such a positive group of people. “My trainers are my family. They do their best every day. We really balance each other’s strengths and weaknesses. 

In addition to helping clients achieve results, Raechel finds her own fitness constantly improving at The Perfect Workout. “After I graduated from college, I would train for three hours, three times a week. Now, I do 20 minutes, twice a week, and I’m stronger than ever and have better tone all over.” 

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