Ricky Gibson

Ricky Gibson was born in Chicago, but moved to Naples, Florida at the age of 5. He had been playing football since the age of 4 but it wasn’t until he was in high school that football turned his interest for fitness into a passion. With the help of football conditioning and strength training, Ricky got into shape, lost weight and felt vast improvements in his own physical fitness.

After high school, Ricky earned a full ride scholarship to play football for Indiana State University, but a week and a half into fall camp, Ricky suffered a severe concussion that ultimately ended his football career. After coming home, Ricky learned about The Perfect Workout and was intrigued by the 20 minutes, twice a week guarantee. He tried the workout for himself and fell in love with the method and the private workout environment.

After his full recovery and many, many slow-motion strength training sessions later, Ricky decided he wanted to be immersed in health and fitness again, so he pursued a Personal Training Certification.

Ricky joined the Chicago team of Trainers and ultimately was selected to coach clients at The Perfect Workout’s Park Ridge studio. “Since working for The Perfect Workout, I am back in great shape and living a healthy and happy lifestyle. I love to help people better themselves and achieve greatness with this workout!”

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