Spencer Nauta

Spencer Nauta became interested in health and fitness during college in order to improve the way he felt about his body. He wanted to build muscle and realized that he could achieve that through nutrition and effective exercise — slow motion strength training.

Once he began prioritizing his own health, he began to look and feel better. But those were not the only benefits he experienced. Spencer’s energy levels increased, his stress and anxiety decreased, he boosted his immune system and his focus seemed to sharpen.

His firsthand experience with how incredible strength training and nutrition made him feel became the catalyst for his Personal Training Career. Spencer felt so passionate about sharing what he’s learned with others that he acquired multiple Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching Certifications and ultimately joined The Perfect Workout’s Dallas team.

For years Spencer has participated in endurance races and has experienced all kinds of injuries in the training process due to repetitive force on his body. Since incorporating slow-motion strength training into his own workouts, he has gotten stronger, improved his performance, and remained injury free.

“What I love about our method is that no matter what your current fitness levels are and what health conditions you have, we are able to take the guesswork out of training and use evidence-based practices to improve the lives of anyone who trains with us.”

Spence has always felt driven to help others, and is grateful for the opportunity to do so through health and fitness coaching at The Perfect Workout.

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