Thomas Bailey

Growing up in Houston, Thomas was a swimmer with the Blue Fins at The Houstonian until the age of 15. In addition to swimming, Thomas participated in volleyball and basketball in middle school, and played football and soccer in high school. It was in high school that Thomas’s passion for nutrition, and ultimately fitness, manifested itself. With the guidance of a fantastic health teacher and soccer coach, Thomas immersed himself in the field of health and fitness.

After attending Syracuse University, where he participated as part of the Syracuse football equipment manager team, Thomas came back to Houston to establish a career in sports. During this time, Thomas was in the gym almost six days a week, for hours a day which ultimately resulted in injury. He was determined to stay active and healthy and searched for a workout that was safe, yet still effective.

In 2014, Thomas discovered The Perfect Workout. He immediately fell in love and applied the protocol to his fitness routine. Drinking more water, eating whole foods, and using The Perfect Workout’s 20-minute workout twice a week created dramatic changes in his body. “I lost 30-40 pounds and can see more muscle definition than I’ve ever seen in my life. I feel better, I no longer snore and I sleep better, I have more energy throughout the day, and my mindset has vastly improved.”

Because Thomas enjoyed his experience so much, and felt like this effective and efficient workout was something everyone should do for the rest of their lives, he decided to pursue his career in fitness. Thomas became a certified Personal Trainer at The Perfect Workout and has been connecting with his clients ever since.

Working with individuals 1-on-1 allows Thomas to personalize every workout session. He understands their needs and areas of opportunity for growth and this allows him to provide the best workout for each client. “I love connecting with people. I believe it is a strength I possess in being able to place myself in the mindset of others and understand where they are coming from.”

One of Thomas’s favorite successes has been working with a client, Jeannice. Her main focus was just getting confidence in herself back. She was going through a difficult personal time when she first joined and she often mentioned how empowered she felt after each workout. She slowly gained more confidence in herself in many aspects of her life and was able to push herself out of her difficult personal situation and came out of the situation stronger than ever. She is now in absolute perfect health. She balanced her thyroid, and through the combination of nutrition and workouts she was able to achieve her goal weight. “Just seeing the change in her mindset is one of the reasons I love what I do. This was a team effort, and I am honored that she has allowed me to help her and push towards a healthier version of herself!”

With client success like Jeannice’s and his love for personal training, Thomas was promoted to the Memorial Facility Manager in November of 2018. “This honestly isn’t a job in my mind. We are a family at the Memorial studio. Many friends have been made among the people who come in and workout with us and it really is a second home.”

Thomas loves his fellow trainers and they all enjoy learning from one another. “It feels like we all lead each other. And every trainer I work with is a leader in some way and I get to work with some of the best people I’ve ever met.”

Outside of the studio, Thomas follows almost all Houston professional sports. He’s involved in fantasy football and baseball leagues with his friends and family. He spends time finding new restaurants to try and exploring what the city has to offer.

Thomas strives to grow within The Perfect Workout and continue to increase his education and application of the slow-motion strength training protocol. He wants to help The Perfect Workout achieve its mission of revolutionizing the way people exercise. “There really isn’t anything I can compare it to! I love what I do and it’s such a great honor to be in a position in which I get to train clients and receive training and coaching myself!”

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