Tina Brox

Tina Brox began her fitness journey at the young age of 7 when she began ballet. She loved the beauty, discipline and athleticism involved in ballet but was introduced to some unhealthy ways of dieting and exercise, which ultimately caused her to lose a great deal of muscle.

Tina began working 1-on-1 with a Personal Trainer, who taught her how to exercise the healthy way and that was through implementing strength training. She no longer felt like she needed to spend hours on the treadmill because she was meeting all of her fitness needs with weight lifting. Quickly, Tina realized the importance and value of having a Personal trainer guide her during her workouts and her entire fitness journey.

Tina fell in love with her own strength workouts, particularly the slow-motion strength training method and decided to pursue that avenue of Personal Training. Now a Certified Trainer at The Perfect Workout, Tina is helping her clients at the Danville studio work towards their fitness goals each day. She loves teaching them the healthy way to workout, just like her trainer did for her!

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