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Who is The Perfect Workout For?

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What you get in your Private Session

Our 1-on-1 Intro Session is not like the high-pressure sales situations you get at big box gyms. Instead, you can expect your Personal Trainer to listen to you, teach you, answer your questions, and guide you towards next steps.

Health Assessment & Personal Consultation

In-depth review of your health history and current goals

With an understanding of how your body has been uniquely impacted by past exercises, diets, life-experiences and even traumas, your trainer can begin to personalize what’s best for you now. Your trainer will dive deep into your health history, goals, and any limitations or injuries you may have to take you through the safest, most effective workout

($85 value)

The Perfect Workout™ Method

How to Get Results in 20 Minutes, Twice a Week

Experience the Aha! moment everyone has in this session and actually perform a select few exercises. Feel firsthand the joint-safe nature of our movements, the time-efficient way to exercise the entire body, and the effective approach we take to progressively increase lean muscle and bone density.

($125 value)

Custom Workout Plan

How The Perfect Workout™ Method will be applied to you.

This is where your trainer will take the science-backed core principles of exercise we know work every time, and customize the approach to best help you reach your goals.

($85 value)

Total Value=$295

For a limited time, you can get our 1-on-1 intro session for FREE

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3-4 month options*
$345-695* Monthly
  • Guaranteed to gain strength in your first 12 weeks of training. Start losing body fat and increase energy. Begin building healthy habits.


6-8 month options*
$295-575* Monthly
  • Overcome strength gain and weight loss plateaus, maintain weight loss results, improve biomarkers such as A1C levels, cholesterol & blood pressure.


12 month option*
$315-625* Monthly
  • Increase strength gains and fat loss. Build bone density. Regulate sleep & stress levels with 6+ months of consistency.
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*Length and pricing of packages depends on studio location. 

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What other Women Are Saying About the Program

74 year old flight attendant Lynn Huff (and her pilot husband) travel frequently and wanted the ability to sustain their active lifestyle together. After training at The Perfect Workout for seven years, Lynn looks and feels incredible.

  • Lynn strengthened her joints and knees
  • Experiences less chronic pain
  • She can put luggage in the overhead bin at 74
  • Her sleep has improved

“We’ve been so fortunate to travel the world. Physical limitations? We don’t feel like we have those issues because we’re stronger.”

Debbie was never a fan of strength training. When she went to the gym, she’d make herself do a ton of reps of low weights or just focus on cardio. None of those ever gave her the results she was looking for.  Debbie was diagnosed with osteopenia. She needed a workout that would strengthen her bones and wouldn’t worsen her health issues. 

Within her first 2 years at The Perfect Workout, Debbie:

  • Lost 90 pounds
  • Improved her bone density
  • Gained better balance

“At 60 years old, I have a much more defined figure, I look younger than I am, and I have a tiny waist!”

62 year old Bettye Parker had been losing energy, losing strength, and gaining weight for about five years, starting a couple years before she retired. She had done traditional weight lifting at gyms in the past, but knew she didn’t have the self-discipline or desire to do that again.

Since she started exercising ideal for her body, she:

  • Lost a total of 76 pounds
  • Lost 12 inches off her waist, 11¾ inches off her hips, and 8½ inches off her thighs
  • Regained range of motion and strength in her lower body after hip replacement surgery
  • Got muscle definition and vitality back
  • Her doctor reduced her blood pressure medications twice, and now she’s not on any medications at all!

“You can do The Perfect Workout no matter what your infirmities are. What it does for your body is amazing. I’m so thrilled with my own success, and I want others to enjoy it, too.”

About The Perfect Workout

We are a team of Certified Personal Trainers guiding people through exercise that is sustainable for long-lasting health. For over 23 years we’ve helped women reshape their bodies and health with a method originally made for women. We don’t believe in being “over the hill” or that decline is inevitable after 50. We know that your best body and health can be achieved now.

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Our method is so effective that if you aren’t stronger after 12 weeks of consistently training with us, we’ll refund every penny.

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