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We’ve created a personalized exercise routine for you.

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Injury & Medical Needs

You're in the Injury & Medical Needs category. You want to gain strength and lose weight and often struggle to find a workout that meets your needs.

Most workouts probably cause you pain, aggravate your injury or condition, or it just doesn't work for you – because it's not made for you.

You might be menopausal or post-menopausal and may have experienced hormonal weight gain where none of the old workouts you're used to are effective anymore.

You might have had an injury or procedure and gone to physical therapy afterward, but need something else after that. You might have a condition or upcoming procedure that limits the kinds of workouts you can do. You may have lost strength after a period of recovery inactivity.

You're probably concerned about making your condition worse, which means…

The best exercises for you should help you:

Pair your top exercises below with Slow-Motion Strength Training for best results.

Check out the top Three Exercises for you below

1. Leg Press

The leg press is the most important exercise people like you in the Injury & Medical Needs group can do. Not only can it help recover lost strength or rehabilitate the lower body, but this exercise also uses the biggest muscles and therefore has the biggest impact on your entire body. If you want to improve high blood pressure, bone density, blood sugar, or other conditions, the leg press gives you the most bang for your buck. Since you have a limitation to work around, pay attention to the safety tips, and give your physician our Physician Info Packet before starting an exercise program.

2. Chest Press

People in your Injury & Medical Needs group will like this exercise because it's great for maintaining or gaining full range of motion with your shoulders and elbows. It also helps you build or maintain strength for pushing motions like getting up from a chair, pushing a door, or holding a grandchild up in the air.

3. Compound Row

The compound row is especially important for you in the Injury & Medical Needs group because, similar to the chest press exercise, the compound row can help maintain or improve range of motion through your back muscles, shoulders, and elbows. It's also crucial for maintaining an upright posture. Want to avoid hunching? Pair slow-motion strength training with the compound row.

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Reshaping your body and health
requires just 20 minutes, twice a week
with a handful of exercises.

Reshaping your body and health requires just 20 minutes, twice a week with a handful of exercises.

Here's how that breaks down on your calendar

Just exercise Twice A Week for 20 Minutes. Every other day either rest, recover, or do your favorite recreation activity.

By doing this, you avoid wasting hours in the gym while gaining strength and boosting metabolism as you recover from your workouts.

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