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Featured Member Theresa N.

I was at a point in my life where I knew I needed to start working out again…
A dedicated female member performing chest exercises


Theresa, 62, struggled to consistently do any kind of workout on her own. After joining The Perfect Workout (not once, but twice!) she’s got more muscle tone, strength, stamina and is keeping up with the physical demands of caring for her special needs son. Here is her story…

“I was at a point in my life where I knew I needed to start working out again. I had just raised my six children and sent the youngest off to college. I needed something different that would work for me- that wasn’t the traditional gym environment.

I was looking to work on my overall strength. I’ve had some challenges with different medical conditions. I was diagnosed with some pre-osteoporosis in my spine and that was a big wake up call that I needed to do more than just walking or trying to do a little bit of weight lifting on my own.

I wanted to strengthen my bones specifically and improve my overall fitness.

I had tried gyms in the past and I had even tried sessions with personal trainers and I just wasn’t successful. I needed a little more expertise.”


A trainer helps a woman on the Adduction/Abduction machine at The Perfect Workout


“This is actually my second time at The Perfect Workout. I had my intro session years ago and I did the program for about six months. Then I tried to do it on my own at a gym and I thought, ‘Oh, I know whatever I need to know and I can do it on my own.’

I quickly realized that wasn’t the case. I wasn’t doing it and it was rare for me to even get to the gym. I didn’t get the same type of commitment from myself.

I needed somebody cheering for me every week and guiding me. I tried to just go walking or do some weight lifting on my own, but again, I didn’t have the expertise.

I’ve been back at The Perfect Workout around eight months now and I really want to stay as long as I can. I realized that this is a long term commitment and I’ve now seen that I can do even more as time goes on.

I can definitely see more muscle tone, more strength and more stamina, and I just feel better. And overall, my mental health is good again. I feel like I can keep going and getting stronger.”


A woman works out on the Lat Pulldown machine at The Perfect Workout


“I have a special needs son who requires a lot of intensive care, and it motivates me to stay strong for him. He requires 24 hour care- dressing and moving about, I need to get up and down off the floor with him, or physically help him with being in the bathroom, taking a shower, things like that.

It takes a lot of physical strength and I’ve noticed a difference.

I can get up and down off the floor a lot easier than I used to be able to with him. And I also know how to use my body, where I’m not going to be injured. And I think that’s what’s really important to me – I can’t hurt myself.

My kids, my family, they know that their mom works really hard when I come here. I think they’re proud of me.”


A trainer guides a woman on the leg press machine at The Perfect Workout


“I actually look forward to coming to my workouts and seeing the trainers. I feel very welcome here. I feel a little more protected here and I like that it’s an intimate environment.

I don’t feel intimidated by others. I feel like the other people in the studio are just like me.

And I can’t say enough about the trainers!

I think having a personal trainer there with you, you feel better about yourself. They’re guiding you, they’re answering your questions and adding tips to add into the workout. And that’s all really helpful.

The Perfect Workout has changed me emotionally and mentally. I have committed to working on my body for the long term and that keeps me going. I’m motivated to come every week because I want to be as healthy as I can be, for me and my family.”

Theresa N., 62
Member at The Perfect Workout
Carlsbad, CA

We know strength training is important, but nutrition is also a huge piece of your wellbeing. If you’d like help learning how to implement these new habits alongside your workouts, schedule a Nutrition Intro session today! Email [email protected] to get started.

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