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But first, what’s the goal?

Methods only matter if they accomplish a specific goal. In order to do that, you have to know what the goal is. Our members at The Perfect Workout® share the following high-level goals:

Healthy and happy couple embracing in their home, embodying the vitality achieved through The Perfect Workout's program.

Look Good.

Good health is always a good look. Step into confidence with a body that reflects your dedication.

Feel Good.

Welcome resilience in mind, body, and spirit. Revel in mental clarity as you take on your day with sustained energy and dependable strength.

Be Pain-Free.

Combat aches and ditch the daily distractions of discomfort. Embrace a life where every movement is fluid and free from pain.

Live Long & Well.

Don’t just count the years—make the years count. Pursue a rich, vibrant lifestyle and embody the essence of living well through sustainability. 

Affectionate senior couple in winter attire, sharing a moment of connection and joy outdoors.

Bid farewell to fitness fads and discover a refreshingly simple path to wellness. Our method sidesteps the obsession with excessive gym hours and complex diets, so you can embrace a lifestyle approach that effortlessly integrates into your daily routine.

Core tenets of our method

To achieve these goals, The Perfect Workout® uses a combination of science-backed exercise protocols, certified trainers and private studios, and state-of-the-art technology.

Tailored Program Design

We begin by understanding your personal goals as the foundation. Then, we create a program that aligns with your aspirations, carefully calibrating the intensity levels to ensure each session moves you closer to achieving your desired outcomes.

Young trainer using a tablet to show workout results to an elderly member at a gym
Middle-aged man engaging in a resistance training exercise under the supervision of a young male personal trainer at The Perfect Workout

Muscle Efficiency

Our approach focuses on making every movement count through enhanced muscle efficiency. Get the most out of every workout, without overexertion.

Safety In Every Step

With an emphasis on cadence and form, safety is embedded in the DNA of your routine. Prevent injury and promote longevity in your fitness journey with peace of mind.

Elderly woman performing an upper body exercise using specialized equipment, with her trainer monitoring the session closely
Joyful couple embracing and looking into the distance during an outdoor hike, enjoying a healthy lifestyle together.

Lifestyle Integration

True wellness transcends the gym walls. We incorporate key wellness habits—nutrition, sleep, hydration, stress management, and exercise—into a sustainable lifestyle plan that aligns with your daily life.

Losing fat > losing weight

Weight loss can involve losing fat, but it can also include the loss of muscle.

Muscle is denser than fat, meaning that when the scale shows a few pounds lost, it could indicate a loss of muscle mass as well. At The Perfect Workout, our emphasis is on preserving and maintaining muscle to facilitate fat loss, rather than simply reducing overall body weight.

Consider the images above. The small white circle in the center of each thigh is the thigh bone. Surrounding the bone, you’ll notice the darker grey tissue, which signifies muscle tissue. The larger white circular section on the outside of the muscle tissue is fat tissue.

Mature woman engaging in a slow-motion rowing exercise under the guidance of a personal trainer at The Perfect Workout studio.

Benefits of slow-motion strength training

Our members have reported:

“The ability to do an activity that was such a big part of my life for so long – to be able to run and feel that again – Priceless.”

Picture of Rich Turner, Carlsbad, CA
Rich Turner, Carlsbad, CA

“I think it’s great. I think it’s exactly what I needed. I wish I could’ve gotten started a year ago, two years ago!”

Picture of Lori Grosse, Clear Lake, TX
Lori Grosse, Clear Lake, TX

“I have lost 47 pounds since I started with The Perfect Workout. Something that I wasn’t able to achieve on my own.”

Picture of Cynthia Crossland, West Plano, TX
Cynthia Crossland, West Plano, TX

Who’s It For?

Our method is great for people who…

Who’s it for?

Our method is great for people who…

Personalized guidance with dedicated support

Members are paired with a certified trainer and a wellness advisor, guaranteeing a customized fitness journey with sustainable wellness habits. Working in tandem to ensure accountability and progress toward your health goals, we offer expert guidance every step of the way. 

Female personal trainer encouraging a male client as he performs an exercise using resistance training equipment.
Senior male client performing triceps exercise with the guidance of a female personal trainer at The Perfect Workout studio.

Start with a Free, No-Hassle Intro Session

A no-obligation way to explore if The Perfect Workout® is for you.

In addition to learning a newer, better way to exercise, you’ll also get a standardized exercise plan that you can use anywhere, even if you decide not to train with us.

Transformation is for Everyone

Select your age range to learn more about The Perfect Workout® for you.
Whether you’re busy and looking for something quick and efficient, or in need of a safe way to exercise as you age, we have a program for you. Your body is unique and our exercise principles can be tailored to people of all ages and abilities.

Transformation is for Everyone

Select your age range to learn more about The Perfect Workout® for you.
Whether you’re busy and looking for something quick and efficient, or in need of a safe way to exercise as you age, we have a program for you. Your body is unique and our exercise principles can be tailored to people of all ages and abilities.

Compare and discover

Explore how The Perfect Workout® stands out from the crowd with our at-a-glance
comparison of popular fitness and nutrition approaches.

Frequently asked questions

Yes. Each trainer goes through our extensive education process. Most personal training certifications do not require any hands-on training to get certified. At The Perfect Workout, our certification goes beyond books and heavily involves hands-on training with real people. We test our trainers’ knowledge and expertise with numerous written and practical exams. All Personal Trainers are AED/CPR certified and are required to complete continuing education as part of their employment with The Perfect Workout.

Yes. Many of our members have limitations or prior injuries that require us to modify the workout. Our Personal Trainers are qualified to accommodate most limitations. We recommend seeking the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

Generally, our members should expect to see improvements within the first 6 weeks, however, some members say they see and feel results almost immediately. Of course, results are determined by how well your body responds to the stimulus of exercise, your nutritional habits, and how effectively you learn to challenge your muscles. Different people see results in different amounts and at different rates.

We have a range of membership options that can suit any budget. Packages vary in cost depending on the length of commitment, frequency of training, and studio location. Our personal training sessions range from $295-$695 per month and our Virtual Training program ranges from $255-$465 per month.

Training with The Perfect Workout one or two times a week is extraordinarily cost-efficient, compared to exercising three or four times a week for an hour with traditional methods, for the same amount of benefit. For more details on package prices and current promotions please contact us at (888) 803-6813.

Our studios are Medical Fitness Facilities and classified as an essential health business. We follow the Medical Fitness Association (MFA) guidelines for safety which are stricter than the CDC’s guidelines.

For optimal results, we recommend working with a Personal Trainer for safe and effective slow-motion strength training. Achieving a productive workout, both physically and mentally, can be challenging solo. However, slow-motion strength training is something you can implement on your own. Our Personal Trainers offer guidance to seamlessly integrate this sustainable exercise method into your lifestyle.

You can either train at an intense rate for a short period of time, or at low intensity for a long period of time. Our methodology is based on brief, intense workouts that exercise the entire body in an effective and time-efficient manner. The only thing that makes this workout “too good to be true,” is that very few people understand how to correctly implement this methodology the way that we do. With our coaching and your commitment to giving your best effort for 20 minutes, you’ll be able to reshape your body with a much smaller time investment than it would take using other exercise methods.

Our Studio Introductory Sessions last 40 minutes, while Virtual Introductory Sessions run 1 hour. During these sessions, you’ll receive personalized 1-on-1 instruction in slow-motion strength training and experience a tailored sample workout. Your Personal Trainer will assess your experience level, any current injuries or limitations, and together, you’ll set clear goals with a plan to achieve them. Subsequent appointments are 20 minutes each, with the workout itself typically lasting approximately 20 minutes.

Absolutely! Prior exercise experience is not necessary to see results with our method. Slow-motion strength training is highly effective and modifiable, making it suitable for beginners. Our certified trainers provide personalized guidance, adapting to each client’s pace. The Perfect Workout approach caters to all experience levels, whether you’re a fitness enthusiast with an advanced background or new to exercise altogether. Give it a try and experience the benefits firsthand!

Anything that you feel comfortable exercising in is best. The workout itself is brief, and we keep our studios cool, so any light-weight clothing that allows you to move easily is best. Exercise apparel is recommended but not required; some of our members have been known to work out on their lunch breaks wearing jeans or dress slacks. But we do suggest arriving to the studio ready to work out.

This question often comes from our female members, and the answer simply is no. Slow-motion strength training will help you build lean muscle mass. By adding muscle, you will tone your body and increase your metabolism to burn more fat. Since muscle is denser than fat, adding muscle and losing fat will make you smaller and firmer.

Yes. While crucial, exercise is only one part of the health equation. True health encompasses nutrition, sleep, stress management, and hydration. Our Wellness Coaching provides a comprehensive approach ensuring lasting, balanced results. you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of your body’s needs and how to optimize your health.

Over 1,700 5-star reviews

Turning 70 was a big event for me. I was not ready to be “old”. I decided I wanted to find a trainer who could help me get stronger and stay as active as I could. After researching different places I made an appointment for a trial session with Dominique at The Perfect Workout. It was one of the best decisions I could have made. Turns out Dominique is a wonderful trainer. He is patient, clear about the use of each machine, pays attention to detail and form, and encourages me when I need it. The environment that he has created feels comfortable and safe. I have gotten stronger and I am better able to keep up with my 2 granddaughters ages 4 and 10. And, as a bonus, I’ve gone down a pant size. Without hesitation I would highly recommend working with Dominique at The Perfect Workout in Pleasanton, CA.
Picture of Normandie Koenig, Los Angeles, CA
Normandie Koenig, Los Angeles, CA
The Perfect Workout Method is a safe and effective way of getting stronger in only 20 minutes a session! Beats going to overly crowded gym and competing/waiting for gym machines. Here we have a dedicated coach/trainer who works one-on-one with you and the machines are always available. The trainer keeps track of all your health data, and sends progress graphs via email. I feel stronger in just a few sessions so much so that I feel 10 years younger for sure. I highly recommend my trainer Sean Piedra, who is enthusiastic and knowledgeable, and motivates me to put in my best every time! Thank You, Sean!
Picture of Kirana Rao, Denver, CO
Kirana Rao, Denver, CO
This place was a game changer for me (and my health). I love the location which has ample parking, the clean and neat studio and most importantly the trainers there! I started my strength training in January to finally improve my poor workout habits and it has changed my life!! In 3 months I feel fitter, gained muscle, have more energy, have lost inches and some weight. Most importantly this is a place that I actually WANT to go to – the trainers are dedicated, helpful, and I can work with any of them with ease. They all have different styles but are friendly and will surely push you so it makes the workout easy – also the 20 min in and out pace is perfect for even the busiest working mom.
Picture of Dianne Patel, Los Angeles, CA
Dianne Patel, Los Angeles, CA

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