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Virtual Training

20 minutes. Twice a week. From anywhere.

Transform your health and body through expert-led virtual training sessions – accessible anywhere you have a WiFi connection.

Always live. Never recorded.

Personalized training sessions conducted by certified coaches, utilizing our science-backed exercise methodology.

The Ultimate Goal

Virtual Training with The Perfect Workout® is guaranteed to achieve your goals with the same core philosophy as our in-studio training. Great for when you’re traveling, or just because you prefer to be at home.

Healthy and happy couple embracing in their home, embodying the vitality achieved through The Perfect Workout's program.

Look Good.

Good health is always a good look. Step into confidence with a body that reflects your dedication.

Feel Good.

Welcome resilience in mind, body, and spirit. Revel in mental clarity as you take on your day with sustained energy and dependable strength.

Be Pain-Free.

Combat aches and ditch the daily distractions of discomfort. Embrace a life where every movement is fluid and free from pain.

Live Long & Well.

Don’t just count the years—make the years count. Pursue a rich, vibrant lifestyle and embody the essence of living well through sustainability.

Affectionate senior couple in winter attire, sharing a moment of connection and joy outdoors.

How our virtual personal training works

Get Connected and Set Up

We’ll assess your workout space, available equipment, and review your injuries or any health concerns that need to be considered in designing your workout.

Live, Private Coaching

Your virtual training sessions are always live and never pre-recorded. We make adjustments and modifications in real time, every session.

Tailor-Made Program

Your Certified Trainer will create a program, taking into account optimal exercises and level of resistance, to achieve YOUR perfect workout in just 20 minutes.


We track your results from each session, making regular reviews and adjustments to ensure your success. Understanding your progress is made easy through our member app.

Core tenets of our virtual training

The fundamentals we use that make virtual workouts effective, safe, and perfectly suited to your lifestyle.

Every session is customized to align with your personal fitness goals.

Exercises calibrated for optimal intensity to maximize your results in minimal time.

Focus on movements that target muscle efficiency for balanced strength and muscle tone.

Ensuring proper form, cadence, and technique to prevent injury and promote long-term health.

Adaptable routines that fit your living space, using common household items.

Reshape your body without the crowded gym

Virtual Training is easier and more convenient.
woman performing a plank exercise at home while following an online fitness session, illustrating dedication to health

Guaranteed results or your money back

Our method is so effective that if you aren’t stronger after 30 Days of consistently training with us, we’ll refund every penny.
Mature couple together at home, maintaining fitness with virtual guidance from The Perfect Workout.

Choose a training plan that's right for you

Schedule your free consultation call
Receive quality support with your appointment and technology setup.​

Complete your intro workout session
You’ll learn our signature science-back method and experience your own custom-tailored workout.

Gain strength and improve your health
We offer plans to fit every lifestyle, goal, and budget. Choose the best one for you.

Thousands of members with real results

“I can enjoy being out in the yard and doing what I want to do. I’ve even got [muscle] definition… I’ve never seen that before.”
Picture of Robin Lancaster, North Carolina
Robin Lancaster, North Carolina
“This is a super viable option. Just a real power workout. It’s the best option for me because my life is as hectic as it is.”
Picture of Brucie Melvin, Bay Area, California
Brucie Melvin, Bay Area, California
“My belly has gone down tremendously. And I feel like I have muscle now. I just feel more healthy. I’m definitely more active in general, just having the energy that I haven’t had in a long time.”
Picture of Frances Aparicio, Chicago, IL
Frances Aparicio, Chicago, IL
“I feel stronger, especially arm strength. Carrying groceries, riding a bicycle, I can go up hills a little further than I used to. I just feel like I have more energy.”
Picture of Marcia Farrar, Bay Area, California
Marcia Farrar, Bay Area, California
“Then you started Virtual workouts and I thought, Aha. This has been a blessing to be able to go back. I took it up right away.”
Picture of Christine Gandel, Montana
Christine Gandel, Montana

Ready to get started? Virtual Training with The Perfect Workout® is guaranteed to achieve your goals with the same core philosophy as our in-studio training. Sign up for your free intro session today. 

Frequently asked questions

Your first session is a 60-minute intro where you’ll get personalized instruction on slow-motion strength training and a real workout experience. Your trainer will tailor the session based on your experience, any injuries, and limitations. Together you will establish clear goals and a plan to achieve them! 

After that, regular sessions are booked for 30 minutes, with the actual workout taking around 20 minutes.

No machines or equipment? No problem! Exercise equipment is not required. 

Our science-backed method works for everyone because your trainer customizes your program just for you. Using our slow-motion strength training, your trainer will help you stay on track with 1-2 sessions per week, ensuring you get the most out of every workout. The goal (of any workout you do) is to reach muscle success. You don’t need fancy machines—just the right method and the support of a dedicated trainer.

Schedule your 20 minute consultation call to learn more about how a workout can be customized for your goals without equipment.


Our approach is low-impact and safety-based, making it a great option for those who have injuries or limitations to accommodate.

We work with many members who require modification to their routines. Our team of Personal Trainers are qualified to support your unique health history.

Want to speak with a certified trainer about your specific injuries or limitations? We recommend reserving a spot with a free introductory session and calling us at (888) 803-6813. We’ll help establish important health history details before you even walk into your session.

Working out on the go or have limited space? No problem!

Because each workout is customized to your circumstances, your trainer can select exercises and routines that work with your space and surroundings. Most, if not all, of the exercises we do require little space.


We can accommodate couples and small groups for virtual training. Please call (888) 803-6813 for more information.

If you have more questions and would like to speak with a certified personal trainer about our program, please contact us at (888) 803-6813.

Mature woman performing a cable pulley exercise with the assistance of a young female trainer at The Perfect Workout studio

Still have questions?
We’re here to help.

Speak to a certified trainer to get all your questions answered.

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