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Reducing the Risk of a Hospitalization

Stronger older adults are 50% less likely to go to the hospital for any reason…
CEO Kyle Recchia speaking in Episode 20 of the Mission Monday series

Reducing the Risk of a Hospitalization

Mission Monday Episode 20

Reducing the Risk of a Hospitalization

Mission Monday Episode 20

The benefits of strength training extend to many areas of life.

We have been surprised several times when hearing about some of the unique research-proven benefits of strength training.

In this video, we talk about a benefit that you might not connect with strength training.

What benefit is that?

Having strength reduces the chances of being hospitalized.

Are you at Risk for Hospitalization?

A number of studies looked at the connection between strength and hospitalization risk.

A study of older adults in the midwest looked at grip strength and quadriceps strength in over 1,600 older adults.

The researchers followed up with the adults about five years later…

The results showed that the strongest older adults were 50% less likely to go to the hospital for any reason.

These results were not a fluke.

Another study focused on grip strength in 80-year olds, which led to the same result.

The lesson is this:
The stronger you are, the less likely you are to be hospitalized.

Being Strong Can Protect You From Additional Hospital Costs

A study from Portugal looked at the connection between hospital costs per visit and grip strength.

People with weaker amounts of grip strength spent about 15-20% more per hospital visit. This difference translates to about $500 per visit.

You might be reading this and wonder how strength could impact hospitalization risk and costs.

Strength is fundamental to physical functioning. When you have adequate amounts of strength, you are more likely to be active

Low levels of strength make basic activities, such as standing and walking, much more difficult. As a result, very weak individuals move less, leading to a lower overall blood flow, which in turn makes any health issue more severe and enduring.

Therefore, if you strength train, you can build AND maintain a healthy level of strength and physical function.

This strength will help you avoid needing the hospital for any personal health issues
Strength train, stay healthy, and stay out of the hospital.

As always, references to all of the studies mentioned are shown below.

If you would like to learn more about our method of strength training, read about our methodology. If you are new to The Perfect Workout, try a workout with us and book a FREE Introductory Session.

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