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Have you ever tried slow-motion strength training? Personal Trainers at the El Cerrito location of The Perfect Workout specialize in this revolutionary method of exercise. Located off of El Cerrito plaza, the private studio is an ideal environment for getting in 20-minute full body training sessions. If you are looking to try personal training or a workout that will get you better results, join us at the El Cerrito studio for your first session. TrainersHow It Works

  • 513 El Cerrito Plaza
    El Cerrito, CA 94530
  • (510) 616-9779
  • admin@theperfectworkout.com

Trainers At This Studio

Kelsey Abraham

Facility Manager

Personal Trainer at:
El Cerrito, CA

Kelsey Abraham began her career in the fitness industry at age 22, but she experienced her own personal fitness transformation beforehand. Growing up, Kelsey didn’t have much health and wellness knowledge which made it challenging for her to look and feel fit. So, she took it upon herself to learn as much as she could to become strong and healthy. Kelsey dove deep into heath education and found that strength training and nutrient dense diets were key in helping her reach her goals.

Kelsey began strength training, added more nutrients to her diet, became more active and ultimately lost 70 pounds. After experiencing such a pivotal transformation, Kelsey knew firsthand there was so much more to weight loss than just losing the weight itself. Feeling strong, feeling healthy and feeling empowered are some of the many benefits a proper strength training routine and a healthy diet could offer, and she wanted to share that with others.

After becoming a Certified Personal Trainer, Kelsey joined The Perfect Workout’s East Bay team and has been helping clients in the El Cerrito studio ever since. She uses her experience and knowledge as a Personal Trainer and Facility Manager to be a role model and support system for her clients.

Kelsey is motivated to help any client who walks in the door, particularly women, who might be intimidated by the idea of walking into a gym, or the thought of working out–like she was when she first began her strength training program. She’s here to support and coach anyone who needs that extra push, whether they are in their 20’s like she was at the beginning of her journey, or seniors looking for the safest way to strength training.

“At the end of the day, my clients get the best results and best experience with slow-motion strength training at The Perfect Workout!”

Melisa Cobian

Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer at:
El Cerrito, CA

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