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If you are near Fairfax, VA, we found the best Personal Trainers for you. The Perfect Workout’s Certified Personal Trainer team helps people of all experience levels and conditions in Fairfax to transform their bodies in just 20 minutes, twice a week. Each strength training session, coached 1-on-1 by a Personal Trainer, will give you full body results in minimum time. Just East of Chain Bridge Road, you'll find the private training studio North of the Residence Inn.

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Personal Trainers in
Fairfax, VA

Simone Davis

Facility Manager

Simone was an avid runner growing up -- she loved getting the endorphin rush each time she went for a run. After years of running, Simone experienced a painful knee injury. Not being able to run anymore ended up being a blessing in disguise for Simone. Even after completing physical therapy she realized there were still many exercises that she couldn’t do. She knew there must be some way to strengthen her knee, avoid injury and maybe still get that endorphin rush. That’s when she discovered slow-motion strength training.

Simone began to incorporate slow-motion strength training into her post-recovery workouts and not only did she begin to gain strength, but she lost weight as well. Once she had stopped running and before strength training, Simone had gained weight. Her new fitness routine of slow workouts and a healthy diet helped her lose 80lbs.

Many people were amazed by her transformation, and asked how they could get the same results. Simone soon discovered that she loved sharing her knowledge and helping others to reach their goals. This sparked a desire for a career change, and in her search she found The Perfect Workout. “I had already been working towards getting my Personal Trainer certification, and I was particularly drawn to The Perfect Workout and the hands-on training you don’t get with other certifications.“

Simone knew right away that she had found the right company when she joined The Perfect Workout in May 2017. The slow-motion strength training technique helped Simone safely maintain her weight loss and keep building strength, while avoiding additional injuries. The added bonus was that it she was able to do it in just two, 20-minute sessions a week. The Perfect Workout was just what Simone needed, and she now loves to share it with others who have similar obstacles, or just want to change their bodies!

Simone instantly began connecting with the clients in the Centreville studio. “I enjoy that I get to build a personal relationship with my clients. I gain a stronger bond with them and create friendships.”

Simone’s own health and fitness has improved significantly since she started working at The Perfect Workout. “I have never been stronger or more toned, and I love sharing what I’ve applied in my own life to my clients’ journeys.”

In early 2019, Simone was selected to join the D.C. Leadership team and become the Facility Manager of the Fairfax location. Working with trainers in a more hands-on role is even more fulfilling for Simone because she’s helping others in a different capacity. “I enjoy being able to set an example for and support other trainers.”

Spending quality time with family and friends is one of Simone’s favorite ways to spend her downtime. She also enjoys expressing her more creative side through event planning. She decorates event spaces for large parties when she has extra time.

Simone intends to expand as a trainer and manager in the coming years. “I want to continue helping more and more people through fitness and nutrition, and I want to grow our studio so that more people from our surrounding community can benefit from slow-motion strength training!”

More About Our Fairfax Studio


Our Certified Personal Trainers in Fairfax are ready to help you achieve your fitness goals with our signature slow-motion high intensity method of exercise. Each science-backed workout is personalized for your goals and any medical needs. Because each of your workouts is personalized for you under the watchful eye of one of our Certified Personal Trainers in Fairfax, it's always a safe challenge for your needs.


The best part? We guarantee results in just 20 minutes, twice a week. Perfect for grabbing a brief, yet effective workout while running errands in the Fairfax area.

Proven Results

Over the last 20+ years, we have helped over 40,000 people increase lean muscle mass, lose weight, and so much more. See what kind of results real clients like you have gotten here. We’re the largest privately-owned 1-on-1 personal training company in the United States with over 60 locations nationwide. Our science-backed, slow-motion strength training program has been featured in peer-reviewed scientific journals such as the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness, and national media including The Wall Street Journal, NPR, and The New York Times. Proven to be great for both strength and aerobic or cardiovascular benefits.


The best way to learn more about how this safe and effective program can be customized for you is to try it for yourself. To learn more about our private 1-on-1 sessions in a clinically-controlled environment at our Fairfax studio click here. To learn more about our 1-on-1 online virtual training programs that take place in the comfort of your own home click here.

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