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Northbrook, IL

Calling all busy Chicagoans! If you are in the Northbrook area, you must try slow-motion strength training. The Perfect Workout Northbrook offers private personal training in our facility designed for 1-on-1 workouts. Just off Raymond Rd, across from Glenbrook North High School, Personal Trainers are working with clients to improve their bodies and overall health. In two, 20-minute workouts a week, experience significant strength gains, faster metabolism and much more. If you are in the Northbrook area and want to experience what it’s like to do slow-motion strength training, book a session today. Trainers       How It Works

  • 1955 Raymond Drive #116
    Northbrook, IL 60062
  • (847) 230-9043

Trainers At This Studio

Erin Leek

Facility Manager

Personal Trainer at:
Northbrook, IL
Wilmette, IL

Originally from Fort Worth, TX, Erin became an athlete at an early age, running cross-country, track, playing volleyball, and dancing. She was a 911 dispatcher for 6 years where she got to play an important part in helping others, yet she craved a more active role changing others’ lives. She felt like exercise, sports, and proper nutrition always made her feel incredible and so she set out to shift careers into Personal Training where she could help people feel the same!

Erin actually began to look at fitness as a vocation while she was attending school at the Chicago School of Violin Making. During that time, she began learning more and more about exercise and other components that would help her coach others to live a healthy lifestyle.

While studying for her ACE and NASM Personal Trainer certifications, Erin was introduced to The Perfect Workout. She instantly thought, “I could really see myself training clients in this methodology and build a career here.” So, she began! In late 2018, Erin went through her slow-motion strength training certification and joined the Park Ridge and Wilmette studios where she incorporated her passion to help people and share the benefits of being healthy.

Erin’s decision to join The Perfect Workout and shift careers was instantly gratifying. “One of my very first clients told me she’s been taking less heart medication since starting at The Perfect Workout. Helping people lose weight is awesome, but helping someone in that capacity is a benefit I never expected. It feels amazing.”

Incorporating slow-motion workouts has helped Erin personally as well. “I have never been so toned in my life and I have more endurance than I did in my teens. I’ve even noticed mental and emotional health benefits!” Having spent a lot of her teenage years as a long-distance runner, Erin has dealt with chronic knee pain to which she assumed she would always have. Now that she’s strengthened the muscles in her legs from slow motion strength training, the pain has gone away.

Erin’s passion and commitment to The Perfect Workout earned her an exciting promotion to Facility Manager. She currently leads the Wilmette studio which is one of the largest studios in the Chicago area. “I love my studio and the minimalistic style of it. We keep our studio free of distractions so our clients can come in and get a good workout every time.”

With a vision to always progress and never stop growing, Erin plans on leading her team to new successes both personally and professionally. ”Working with my trainers is so rewarding. Being a leader feels empowering and I hope to guide them all to become leaders as well.”

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