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Orland Park, IL

Just south of Chicago, in the Orland Park area, there is a Personal Trainer waiting to help you! Off Orland Square Drive, on the outskirts of Orland Square shopping center is a semi-private training facility with Personal Trainers who are working with clients every day to help improve their physical fitness. The Perfect Workout specializes in slow-motion strength training, which is a full body workout, scientifically proven to provide better results in less time. If you’d like to try this method of exercise and you live in the Orland Park area, join us for a workout during a time that works best for you! Trainers    How It Works

  • 64 Orland Square Drive #16
    Orland Park, IL 60462
  • (630) 621-9378

Trainers At This Studio

Devin Butler

Facility Manager

Personal Trainer at:
Orland Park, IL

Devin struggled with being overweight as a kid. After getting a wake-up call from his Doctor, he told himself, “I am going to take ownership of me and my life.” He lost all the weight, went on to play football in high school, and graduated in the top 10 academically. As he became a young adult, he made it his mission to improve his health and inspire others to do the same.

Devin knew he wanted to help people, so he decided to go into the preventative healthcare field, becoming a rehab technician for a physical therapist. This gave him valuable insight into the mechanics of the body and the importance of connecting 1-on-1 with people.

After gaining valuable experience in rehabilitation, Devin completed a Personal Trainer certification through the International Sports Sciences Association, as well as certification from the Life Coach Institute. While searching for the right place to train others, he came across The Perfect Workout. He decided to try the workout for himself and was immediately drawn to how great he felt both physically and mentally after the 20-minute session. Adding a slow-motion strength training certification to his repertoire enhanced his ever-growing knowledge of fitness. As a Personal Trainer and Facility Manager in our Orland Park studio Devin has all the tools to help each one of his clients achieve a transformation.

Before The Perfect Workout, Devin tried different workout techniques and found them useful, but slow-motion strength training has been the most effective. “This is more intense, and has gotten me the kind of body I wanted.” His own 20-minute sessions at The Perfect Workout have given him extra energy and motivation to help his clients achieve their goals. “I want to help people look and feel their best.”

One of Devin’s favorite client success stories was with a woman who had been depressed about her weight and appearance. During her first session at The Perfect Workout, she looked down the whole time and never smiled. Talking with her between exercises, Devin learned that she wanted to fit into a nice dress she bought for her daughter’s wedding. Devin made it his goal to help her reach her target weight in time for the wedding. Sure enough, she lost 21 lbs. and was able to fit perfectly into the dress in just two months. Devin helped push her in her workouts while being a friend and supportive coach, something he prides himself on with every client. “I always wake up ready for more - ready to change someone’s life.”

Devin wants clients to know that the most important thing they can do is be transparent with him. “This is therapy for me - we learn from each other. Whatever you need to be successful, I’m here to support you.”


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