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Park Cities/North Dallas, TX

The Perfect Workout offers private personal training in Texas, including the Park Cities North Dallas area! If you are looking to get more out of your workouts, get 1-on-1 instruction from a Personal Trainer in the Park Cities studio off N. Central Expressway. Using the slow-motion strength training method, you can build muscle, reverse osteoporosis, burn fat, and achieve many more benefits. If you’d like to see what The Perfect Workout can do for you, schedule a learning session at the Park Cities /North Dallas studio! TrainersHow It Works

  • 10100 North Central Expressway #245
    Dallas, TX 75231
  • (214) 438-4375
  • admin@theperfectworkout.com

Trainers At This Studio

Hannah McKinley

Facility Manager

Personal Trainer at:
Park Cities/North Dallas, TX

As a teenager in North Carolina, Hannah was diagnosed with a neurological disorder called Charcot-Marie-Tooth syndrome. She was warned she may not walk past the age of 16, so she underwent surgery, boots, braces, and finally physical therapy and personal training. Her physical therapists and personal trainers had a lasting impact on Hannah, helping her to achieve the miracle of walking. She decided that she too wanted to impact people’s lives, so she set out to change lives through Personal Training.

Hannah’s pursuit to help others through fitness brought her to The Perfect Workout. She saw and personally experienced the benefits and science behind slow-motion strength training and knew this was how she could help others. “It's changed my life. I'm actually strong! Living with a neurological disorder that causes muscle atrophy, I never thought I would be strong, or muscular, but I am. I never thought I could slow down this disorder, but I have.”

In 2017 Hannah began training clients in the Chicago Region at the Wilmette studio where she ultimately became Facility Manager. Within a year, she and her husband decided to transfer down to Dallas, TX where she continued to work with clients at The Perfect Workout in Flower Mound. The knowledge Hannah has gained through her Personal Trainer certification and personal experience has allowed her to help many clients make changes in their bodies and lives. One of her clients, Lynne, dropped 30lbs and several pant sizes to which she credits her training at The Perfect Workout. “Another one of my clients, Lois, has arthritis in her knees, and she's seen significant strength increases in her quads and now isn’t in nearly as much pain anymore. Her doctor said, ‘Keep doing this program! Your knees have improved so much.’”

One client success after another lead Hannah to another Facility Manager promotion and she took over the Park Cities studio where she trains and manages today. “I love this position! I get to invest in my trainers on a daily basis. They are my clients as well. I get to help them grow in knowledge, confidence, and get to know them so much more on a personal level!”

Working with clients 1-on-1 is one of Hannah’s favorite parts about being a Personal Trainer. “It provides a personal connection with my clients and allows me to focus completely on them and invest in their lives, stepping into their world for 20 minutes. I get to know them on a much deeper level, and a lot of times that reveals how I can better encourage them while they're training. It’s a must!”

Hannah is just as grateful for the team of trainers she works with. “I cannot even begin to describe how much I love my trainers. They are uplifting, they're amazing with their clients, and they never fail to turn someone's day around!” Hannah and her team are united and strong because of the passion they all share amongst themselves to change people's lives.

Outside of the studio, Hannah is always keeping active with her husband. They have recently started playing racquetball and they love to play disc golf on the many courses Dallas has to offer. As an avid learner, Hannah is also a huge fan of reading for both pleasure and growth. Her goals are to help her grow the Park Cities studio so that they can change more people's lives, to become a Certification Supervisor so she can teach more trainers the slow-motion strength training method, and personally, to continue to get stronger and be an advocate for those with neurological disorders!

John Garner

Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer at:
Park Cities/North Dallas, TX

Jon Hernandez

Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer at:
Park Cities/North Dallas, TX

Jon has lived in Dallas, TX all of his life. Since the age of 6, he’s been active and played many sports like soccer, baseball, football, and eventually kickboxing. Once high school was finished, Jon took a break from sports and he noticed his body start to change in a way he did not like. But, after adopting a nutritious diet and a strength training routine, Jon-Erik got into great shape again. His own personal transformation inspired him to enter the world of Personal Training.

He joined The Perfect Workout as a Personal Trainer and now works with clients in the Park Cities/N. Dallas studio. “I got addicted to the welcoming environment, the trainers, and the clients from my very first workout.” Jon-Erik believes working with clients 1-on-1 allows him to fully focus on each clients’ needs, goals, physical limitations, and any customized adjustments to their workout. One of his clients had been training at The Perfect Workout for 2 years and since then she has reversed her osteopenia in both her back and her hip.

His priority to help others succeed in their goals, to achieve their own physical greatness is what Jon brings to the studio every day. With more strength comes healthier living and more confidence, and that is what he aims to achieve for each one of his clients in The Perfect Workout family.

Andy Santoyo

Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer at:
Arlington, TX
Park Cities/North Dallas, TX

Andres, known as Andy, was born in Dallas, TX and grew up in Red Oak where he played competitive soccer and other competitive sports. As a young adult, he began to practice proper nutrition and workout routines on his own while attending college. He created a vision for himself to be able to work with people and develop physical and mental strength through nutrition and exercise. He is now living his vision at The Perfect Workout where he proudly coaches and trains clients to help them to exceed their goals.

While studying physical therapy in school, Andy utilized his knowledge of health and fitness by beginning to train his friends in the gym. During that time, he also took up boxing and began teaching boxing. “That’s when I discovered that I love to train others.”

Andy was familiar with slow-motion strength training and initially used the protocol in his own strength training workouts. After doing the method consistently, he realized how effective doing a 20-minute workout twice a week was in increasing strength and transforming his own body. He felt like this was the best method he could teach others and decided to make The Perfect Workout the next step in his Personal Training career.

In early 2018, Andy went through his Personal Trainer certification at The Perfect Workout and ultimately joined the Park Cities team in April 2018. Since then, Andy has been ecstatic about his work with clients as well as trainers. “It is really something special, I love the fact that I can guide not only our clients to their goals, but our trainers as well. Really focusing on the trainers personal and professional goals is amazing -- I don’t know any other company that cares about their employee’s well-being as much as this one!”

Andy’ adaptive nature in 1-on-1 sessions, is what has helped him become such a successful trainer at The Perfect Workout. “I improvise really well to any situation. I’m always able to adapt to my clients and customize workouts to their specific needs.”

Andy was determined to find a way to impact even more people. “When I set a goal, I will do just about anything that it takes to accomplish it. And I want to take my training full force.” And he did! A year after he joined The Perfect Workout, Andy was promoted to Facility Manager at the Arlington studio. “Working with the trainers in my studio is really awesome, they bring such a positive attitude and vibe with them to the studio and that helps it run really efficiently!”

Other than training his clients at The Perfect Workout, Andy still loves boxing and has picked up cycling. He recently completed the Dallas Bike MS 2019 which was 158 miles in two days; a feat he’s very proud of. “I would like to do many endurance cycling events and maybe even enter the world of amateur boxing!”


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