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Personal Training Studio
Park Ridge, IL

Just outside the city of Chicago is one of The Perfect Workout’s private training facilities, the Park Ridge studio! This studio is designed to help people get in efficient workouts, with a Personal Trainer each time they come in. Each trainer instructs clients through slow workouts that yield fast results, and offers 1-on-1 attention at every session. This private studio is located of N. Northwest Highway, just a few blocks away from Toughy with Personal Trainers ready to change more lives. Join us at the Park Ridge studio today and enjoy a workout that will change your body and life forever! Trainers     How It Works

  • 444 North Northwest Hwy #204
    Park Ridge, IL 60068
  • (847) 696-8924

Trainers At This Studio

Casey Norris

Facility Manager

Personal Trainer at:
Park Ridge, IL

Casey Norris grew up in NW Florida where he always had a deep passion for sports, and played almost every sport as a kid all the way through high school. After high school he traveled on to live in Texas, Alaska, Arizona, and now Illinois. Casey served as a medic in the United States Air Force for 8 years. When he was stationed in Alaska, Casey found his love and passion for fitness. He took annual Physical Training Leadership courses while he was in the Air Force and began to train members in his unit to help them pass their PT tests. In these moments, he realized that helping others achieve their fitness goals and to live a healthier lifestyle was something he could do for the rest of his life.

Once Casey discovered all the amazing strength and health benefits to slow-motion strength training, he found The Perfect Workout, and knew he had to be a part of the team. “My drive for helping others achieve success is not only echoed in our company core values, but it is amplified!”

Casey became certified with The Perfect Workout and began training clients in Arlington Heights and Park Ridge, where he currently manages today.

“I love that there are ZERO distractions in our workout environment. It allows both the client and trainer to focus on safety, proper form and technique, and work together to achieve the goals set before us.”

Safety is Casey’s number one focus and priority. He continuously coaches to improve form and pace when working with his clients. He also likes to treat his clients’ goals as if they were his own. “Nothing beats the feeling of helping someone else reach their goals and for us to succeed together!”

One client Casey has been able to help was a senior woman with two small dogs and small grandchildren that she loves to play with. Before she started training at The Perfect Workout, she was having great difficulty getting down off the ground to do so. Casey and her worked very hard to strengthen her legs, core, and stabilizer muscles. After a few months, she was playing with her dogs for hours on the floor and had no problems getting up and down!

In addition to helping clients achieve their fitness goals, Casey has experienced the benefits of slow-motion strength training firsthand. “Cardio and I have never gotten along. When I ran or did any elliptical or bike for any extended amount of time, my knees would be left in pain. Since I have been doing slow-motion strength training -without any running or ‘cardio’ machines- I have noticed a drastic improvement in my endurance. I can run or briskly walk up the stairs in my apartment building and not be winded when I get to my floor, which used to happen every time. This workout has not only saved my knees from frequent pain but has improved my cardiovascular fitness!

Casey recognizes that starting your fitness journey can be the hardest part; however, our Personal Trainers are right there with you every step of the way, with the tools and resources you need to succeed. When you work with a trainer like Casey from The Perfect Workout, you are in the presence of someone that genuinely cares about you and your goals.

Ricky Gibson

Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer at:
Park Ridge, IL

Ricky Gibson was born in Chicago, but moved to Naples, Florida at the age of 5. He had been playing football since the age of 4 but it wasn’t until he was in high school that football turned his interest for fitness into a passion. With the help of football conditioning and strength training, Ricky got into shape, lost weight and felt vast improvements in his own physical fitness.

After high school, Ricky earned a full ride scholarship to play football for Indiana State University, but a week and a half into fall camp, Ricky suffered a severe concussion that ultimately ended his football career. After coming home, Ricky learned about The Perfect Workout and was intrigued by the 20 minutes, twice a week guarantee. He tried the workout for himself and fell in love with the method and the private workout environment.

After his full recovery and many, many slow-motion strength training sessions later, Ricky decided he wanted to be immersed in health and fitness again, so he pursued a Personal Training Certification.

Ricky joined the Chicago team of Trainers and ultimately was selected to coach clients at The Perfect Workout’s Park Ridge studio. “Since working for The Perfect Workout, I am back in great shape and living a healthy and happy lifestyle. I love to help people better themselves and achieve greatness with this workout!”

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