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River Oaks, TX

Personal Training Studio
River Oaks, TX

Workout with a Personal Trainer in River Oaks and get guaranteed results! The Perfect workout provides private 1-on-1 training sessions in a semi-private facility off Weslayan between Alabama St. And Westheimer Road. Certified Personal Trainers are opening up their schedules to work with you. If you want a workout customized to you and your fitness level, you’ll want to try a workout at the River Oaks studio. Schedule a time that works for you!

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  • 2900 Weslayan St. #480
    Houston, TX 77027
  • (713) 999-5182

Trainers At This Studio

Lauren Lartigue

Facility Manager

River Oaks, TX

Lauren has spent her entire life active in sports like volleyball and rock climbing and spent 4 years as a collegiate soccer player. As an athlete, Lauren has always been super competitive and has had a great passion for fitness. She decided to apply her passion into academic interest and obtained Bachelor’s degrees in Kinesiology and Biology. Both of which have contributed to her deep understanding of the human body.

Lauren considers staying fit and healthy to be very important. While going to school, she knew she would always have a career in health and wellness and once she graduated she immediately began putting her degrees to use. Lauren gained experience in the Physical Therapy industry where she learned valuable tools on how to work with different client injuries. She eventually began working as a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness instructor in a couple different gyms. Although she loved working in the industry and helping people transform, she wanted to be able to create more connection with the people she worked with. 

Lauren was introduced to The Perfect Workout’s slow-motion strength training method and after experiencing a workout for herself she was intrigued. She began implementing the method while reading up on the science behind the workout. The evidence-based explanation of the slow protocol made absolute sense to Lauren, and now, it's the only workout she does. 

In October 2016, Lauren joined The Perfect Workout’s training team. She began working with clients in The Woodlands, Cypress, Kingwood, Sugarland, and River Oaks— where she would eventually become Facility Manager.

Lauren loves knowing that she is sharing her passion with her clients and helping them reach their fitness goals. She feels like the 1-on-1 sessions give her the opportunity to really connect with her clients, which was something that was missing for her before. “Every client you meet is so different. They might have similar goals to someone else but their body works in a distinct way. I like that this is not a cookie cutter workout and we have the tools needed to really customize the exercise for them and their goals.”

Knowing the numerous benefits of slow-motion training, Lauren has completely changed the way she exercises. “The Perfect Workout is all I do! I went from working out 2 hours a day, 5-6 times a week to only doing slow-motion strength training twice a week.” Lauren knows how necessary strength training is to gaining muscle, losing weight, and even preventing osteoporosis. Not surprisingly, it’s the only workout she recommends to people these days!

Laurens dedication to The Perfect Workout’s method and the clients of Houston helped her advance to the Facility Manager position in Kingwood. After successfully leading the studio’s growth and helping numerous clients surpass their goals, she got the opportunity to lead the River Oaks studio, one of the largest studios in Houston. “I loved my role as a Personal Trainer and I wanted to continue developing myself, but also help in the development of others.”

When you meet Lauren, she will likely show you a picture of her dog and tell you all about her. “That's my child and when I’m not working I’m out spoiling her!” Lauren also likes staying active by playing and watching sports. 

Javier Ortiz

Personal Trainer

River Oaks, TX

Texas native, Javier Ortiz is from Houston where he and his passion for fitness were born and built. He first began exercising in high school with his first set of Olympic weights. After graduating high school, Javier served in the U.S. Army for ten years. While in the military, Javier had the opportunity to travel to many places, including a 15-month deployment to Iraq. Being in the military taught him a great deal about fitness, because he had to maintain a rigorous physical standard in order to be mission-ready.

Javier believes that form and safety are very important components of exercise and because he previously has sustained injuries from working out. When he was introduced to slow-motion strength training, he incorporated it into his workout routines and found that it not only improved his strength and control but also kept his body safe from injury. 

He decided to take his 10+ years of exercise knowledge and make a career for himself in the fitness industry. The Perfect Workout was where Javier ultimately found a home and he’s thrilled to guide his clients through their personal training journeys.

One thing Javier loves about working with clients 1-on-1, is that clients have the opportunity to give him instant feedback after a workout. This allows Javier, and the other Personal Trainers at the studio to personalize the workout specifically to each client’s wants and needs. “It gives me the tools to be better at what I do so that a client can receive the best experience from their workout every time they come in. It’s also nice to build a personal relationship with each client that you have!”

Nicky McKenzie

Personal Trainer

River Oaks, TX

Nickolette “Nicky” McKenzie was introduced to an active lifestyle at an early age. She’s been interested in fitness since the fourth grade, participating in gymnastics and track and field throughout her childhood.

Nicky’s passion for fitness inspired her to pursue an education and a track career at the University of Dubuque. She graduated in 2015 with a degree in both Exercise Science and Business Administration. After finishing her undergraduate studies, she became a collegiate track and field coach, and loved every minute of it.

“Being an athlete was fun, but I know I was put on this earth to coach and motivate others to become the best version of themselves. I love to help others succeed and reach their goals; it’s just as good as winning a race!” Nicky’s drive to coach more people led her to a career in personal training and, in 2016, she joined The Perfect Workout.

Having the opportunity to help people reach their fitness goals and become healthier is exactly what Nicky wanted when entering the coaching world. “I love getting to know clients personally, and customizing workouts to help them reach their specific goals.”

Nicky is currently working towards her Master’s Degree in Exercise Science at the University of Houston Clear Lake. She is excited to continue her journey at The Perfect Workout, and she hopes to positively impact the lives of everyone she trains!

Whitney Lewis

Personal Trainer

River Oaks, TX

Whitney Lewis has a deep background when it comes to being active and healthy. She started playing sports in third grade and continued to play sports throughout high school where she was involved in volleyball, basketball, track, and rugby. Her participation in sports introduced her to the fundamentals of strength training. Whitney received her BA in Mathematics from the University of St. Thomas, yet she knew she wanted to pursue a career where she could make an impact on others. 

With a passion for fitness and a strong drive to help others Whitney began taking steps towards becoming a Personal Trainer. She felt like she could help a lot of people make healthy changes in their lives while she continued her own education. In 2018, Whitney joined The Perfect Workout’s Houston team and trains in the River Oaks studio today.

She is proud to work at The Perfect Workout, where she has the opportunity to train her clients in the safest and most effective workout she’s ever seen. “I love working 1-on-1 with people. It allows us to build relationships based off trust and knowledge.” Whitney’s also built her own physical strength and endurance and loves being able to help others do the same.

When Whitney is not in the studio, she is out exploring new places to eat, traveling, reading, enjoying water sports and working towards becoming a Trauma Nurse.