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The Peninsula

SW San Jose, CA

Personal Training Studio
SW San Jose, CA

The Perfect Workout has Personal Trainers in Southwest San Jose passionate about changing lives through fitness! If you are in the SW San Jose area, you’re invited to join us for a workout at our private facility off Union Avenue. Our Personal Trainers are specifically trained to help you get maximum fitness results in just 20-minute sessions. If you are ready to take the next step towards hitting your goals, schedule a workout at our SW San Jose location today!

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    San Jose, CA 95124
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Trainers At This Studio

Jeffrey Blockson

Facility Manager 

Southwest San Jose, CA 

Jeffrey always lived an active lifestyle growing up. Whether he was playing baseball, basketball, or just outside running around with friends, it was a way of life. However, during his senior year at Columbia College he saw the importance of making fitness a priority first hand. He noticed his friends were putting on weight from eating unhealthy foods and lack of exercise. Staying active was normal for Jeffrey but it’s not the case for everyone. Fueled by this revelation, he dove into nutrition and fitness so that he could become a resource for others.

Jeffrey had always been connected to the arts, and graduated with degrees in both Music Business Management and Entrepreneurship. After graduation, he pursued acting and modeling. It was important for him to maintain but a fit physique, but Jeffrey’s focus went beyond the superficial aspects of a fit body. First and foremost, for Jeffrey it was about Health. 

Jeffrey began training family members, friends and even fellow actors and became more interested in fitness and nutrition. The idea of training people full-time was exciting to Jeffrey and he decided to make a career out of it. Jeffrey was familiar with slow-motion strength training and began adopting it into his own training. He was not a fan of the “big box” gyms, feeling that they lacked care and connection when it came to the client-trainer relationship. So, he searched for the ideal place to train clients that would allow him to foster a more intimate training experience.  

After coming across The Perfect Workout, he was immediately intrigued by the 20-minute workout concept. Not because high intensity training was a new concept to him, but because it was built around debunking one of the very reasons people lose sight of maintaining a healthy lifestyle: time. After visiting one of the studios and learning more about The Perfect Workout, he was sold. 

In March 2017, Jeffrey became certified at The Perfect Workout and joined the Chicago team at the Westmont studio. He quickly began to help the studio grow and change clients’ lives in the process. “I really enjoy connecting with clients. I love how personal it all is.” 

Later that year, The Perfect Workout expanded and added two more studios to the Chicago area, one being close to Jeffrey’s home near Orland Park. Jeffrey was selected to open up that studio as the Facility Manager. Jeffrey worked hard to grow the studio and help clients create lasting change. One of his senior clients, a woman with Fibromyalgia was diligent about training with Jeffrey every week and because of their time together, she stopped walking with a cane and many of her other ailments began to subside. 

Within his first year as Facility Manager of Orland Park, Jeffrey got an incredible opportunity to lead a bigger team in a different state! The Perfect Workout relocated him and his family to the San Francisco Bay Area where he became the Facility Manager of Southwest San Jose. “I feel like I have been rewarded with so much. I get to run one of the biggest studios in California! The Perfect Workout is amazing.” 

As for being a Facility Manager, Jeffrey appreciates the challenges and joys it brings to his time in the studio. “I love sharing whatever knowledge I can.” Jeffrey lives and breathes The Perfect Workout’s core values. He also strives to have the number one studio in the company and wants to help all of his trainers run their own studios one day. 

When Jeffrey is not working he’s always busy hanging out with his son, or “mini-me” as he likes to call him. He still loves to perform, act, playwright, dance, explore new restaurants and study film. 

Jeff says, “Time waits for no one, and just as people value their own time, I want to show how much I value theirs, as well.” Saving someone time  is a battle he’s helping people win in today’s fast-paced society. “I’m excited to give my best, causing you to give your all, extending beyond a temporary diet to a Healthy Lifestyle!” 

Maria Beers

Personal Trainer

Southwest San Jose, CA

After spending 20+ years in the corporate world, Maria Beers changed career paths to pursue her passion for health and fitness. Over the years, she has done cardio funk aerobics (very similar to the current day U-Jam), step aerobics, Tae-Bo, hot yoga and conventional weight-training. Not to mention she has run 4 half-marathons. However, she believes slow motion strength training has been the most intense and effective workout by far!

When Maria decided to pursue personal training, she felt most aligned with the methodology and environment The Perfect Workout offered. After getting her Personal Trainer certification in 2013, Maria joined the Southwest San Jose studio. “I enjoy the contribution I make in improving the quality of my clients’ lives and I enjoy the connections we make together!”

Maria ultimately had to stop running due to chronic low back pain, but slow-motion strength has been a consistent workout she’s been able to do and is now pain free. In addition to her own successes of getting stronger and being injury-free, Maria has helped many clients achieve their goals. One client in particular, a woman with Parkinson’s, had been expecting her Neurologist to up her medication dosages. But as a result of working with Maria, her client had not only increased her strength, but has been able to keep her medication dosages the same. “Her Neurologist was impressed with her progress and encouraged her to continue at The Perfect Workout.”

Maria’s passions outside the studio include taking vacation retreats, ideally in different countries. She has practiced yoga on the beaches of Tulum, Mexico, stayed in a castle in Southern France, and gone white water rafting in Costa Rica!

Ginger Fox

Personal Trainer

Southwest San Jose, CA

Born and raised in San Jose, CA, Ginger Fox has been active and enjoying exercise from a young age. She was an accomplished runner until too many injuries forced her to retire. But she continued to stay active, practicing various forms of exercise both inside and outside of the gym.

Ginger received a blessing in disguise when she injured her ankle running because it directed her to focus on weight training. The changes to her body were phenomenal: not only was her workout time more efficient, but she was able to eat more while maintaining her ideal weight! Ginger used to think that weight loss was all about cardio, but she proved that theory wrong, and was pleasantly surprised at her personal results.

Ginger is a mother of twins and decided to leave her career in hi-tech to be a stay-at-home mom. When her twins were two, she went back to the gym. Working out became more than just staying in shape and being strong–it was important for keeping a positive mental state of mind. Over the years she realized that fitness was not just a hobby, it was her passion. 

Many friends and trainers at the gym were persistent in telling her that she would be an excellent trainer. Loving the way her workouts made her feel, she decided that she wanted to share that with others and became a Personal Trainer.

When she researched The Perfect Workout, she didn’t realize it wasn’t just a conventional gym, but one that was focused on the revolutionary slow-motion weight training method. She knew right then and there that this was the perfect job for her. 

It makes Ginger super happy to be able to help, challenge, and hold her clients accountable for their health and wellbeing. “Also getting to know my clients and their personal lives 1-on-1 has been a bonus.”

Ginger worked with a particular client, a woman in her 80’s for 2 years. “She’s a hard worker and committed to her health.” She had osteopenia and after just one year of training with The Perfect Workout, she overcame it. For her 80th birthday bash, she wore a sleeveless dress. She never imagined at 80 years old that she would be wearing a sleeveless dress. “She received so many compliments at her party. She thanked me and said it was all because of me and The Perfect Workout.” 

Ginger’s goals for the future are to learn as much as possible about nutrition as possible and raise her twins to be the best they can be. “Both of these will be challenging and I’m just thankful that I have a job that makes it possible allows me to be present in my kids’ lives every day.”

Cynthia Contreras

Personal Trainer

Southwest San Jose, CA

Cynthia has lived an active lifestyle ever since she started playing sports in the third grade. She first got involved playing basketball in elementary school, then went on to excel at cheerleading. Cynthia cheered competitively for Santa Barbara City College and for UC Santa Barbara, and is a two-time USA National Champion! 

She was first introduced to weight lifting as a collegiate athlete. Lifting weights improved Cynthia’s flexibility, stamina, strength, and tumbling in competitions. It wasn’t until Cynthia suffered a knee injury that she realized how imperative strength training is for recovery. With the help of strength training, her athletic trainer, and a lot of self-discipline, Cynthia was able to repair the tear in her knee, regain the strength in her legs, and get back to doing back flips in no time!

After Santa Barbara, Cynthia moved to the Bay Area and graduated from San Jose State University with a degree in Communication Studies with an emphasis in Sports Communication. Knowing that she wanted a career in fitness, she obtained her Personal Trainer Certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Cynthia applied her education to herself and eventually lost 30 pounds and gained more strength than ever.

In June of 2018, Cynthia joined The Perfect Workout and has been training clients at the Southwest San Jose studio. As a trainer, she likes to keep things spunky and interesting. Even though she enjoys fun, intense workouts with her clients, her main priority will always be safety and proper form to prevent injuries. Cynthia firmly believes that the slow-motion strength training at The Perfect Workout is the safest and most effective workout possible. “My own strength has increased tremendously.”

Cynthia is a firm believer that embarking on a fitness journey is not just about the physical change in the body, but also about the complete positive transformation of your lifestyle and mindset. She believes that change starts from within, and she intends to be the catalyst for clients to make that change and receive those benefits into their lives!  “In those short 20-minute sessions each week, I’m able to make a positive impact on my clients’ journeys.”

Some of Cynthia’s hobbies include dancing, traveling, going to sporting events, eating good food, and reading books on entrepreneurship. She looks forward to working with even more clients at The Perfect Workout to encourage and empower them to reach their own personal health and fitness goals!

Hieu Quang

Personal Trainer

Southwest San Jose, CA

Since 4th grade, Hieu Quang has been active and has always challenged himself. Playing basketball created a deeper interested in fitness. Hieu’s spark for fitness was ignited even more when he experienced the loss of his father. After seeing how challenging his father’s physical capabilities were after having a stroke, Hieu realized how much strength, movement and being able to connect with your body mattered. Having attended many of his father’s physical therapy sessions, he became even more interested in body mechanics.

In college, Hieu was recruited to play on the UCI’s basketball practice team and strength-trained with some of the best athletes in Irvine. While conditioning his body, he also learned some of the greatest techniques to improve flexibility, stability, and mobility.

As he learned more about health and fitness, Hieu wanted to bring value to others by teaching them the things he loved most about fitness and nutrition. He had been training himself for 10 years and working with friends and family for 5 years when he finally decided to join the industry as a professional and became a Certified Personal Trainer. 

In 2018, Hieu joined The Perfect Workout and has been helping clients of all ages at the Southwest San Jose studio. After training clients as old as 92 and as young as 13, he believes that not only is it never too late to start, it is also never too early to start.

One of his clients, an avid cyclist, averages about 60 miles of riding in a weekend. “He says he’s been able to push much easier after strengthening and learning how to control his breathing,” - another component of exercise that the Personal Trainers at The Perfect Workout educate clients on.

As a personal trainer, Hieu loves to make his sessions enjoyable while challenging clients both physically and mentally. Slow-motion strength training has definitely helped him become more efficient, safer, and more effective in his own workouts. He has personally gained muscle mass and lost 7% body fat by doing slow-motion workouts and using proper nutrition. 

Outside the studio, the things he loves to do most are investing time in himself, his family, and his friends. He loves to surround himself with positive people, play basketball, cook, meal prep, and watch/listen to motivational podcasts. Some of his favorite influencers are Jim Rohn, Gary Vaynerchuck, Tony Robbins, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Desiree Gomes

Personal Trainer

Southwest San Jose, CA

Ronald Davis Jr

Personal Trainer

Southwest San Jose, CA