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The best Personal Trainers in Southwest San Jose can be found at our private facility off Union Avenue! The Perfect Workout’s Certified Personal Trainer team helps people of all experience levels and conditions in Southwest San Jose to transform their bodies in just 20 minutes, twice a week. Each strength training session, coached 1-on-1 by a Personal Trainer, will give you full body results in minimum time.

Our Certified Personal Trainers in Southwest San Jose are ready to help you achieve your fitness goals with our signature slow-motion high intensity method of exercise. Each science-backed workout is personalized for your goals and any medical needs. Because each of your workouts is personalized for you under the watchful eye of one of our Certified Personal Trainers in Southwest San Jose, it's always a safe challenge for your needs.

The best part? We guarantee results in just 20 minutes, twice a week. Perfect for grabbing a brief, yet effective workout while running errands in the Southwest San Jose area.

Over the last 20+ years, we have helped over 40,000 people increase lean muscle mass, lose weight, and so much more. See what kind of results real clients like you have gotten here.

We’re the largest privately-owned 1-on-1 personal training company in the United States with over 60 locations nationwide. Our science-backed, slow-motion strength training program has been featured in peer-reviewed scientific journals such as the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness, and national media including The Wall Street Journal, NPR, and The New York Times. Proven to be great for both strength and aerobic or cardiovascular benefits.

The best way to learn more about how this safe and effective program can be customized for you is to try it for yourself. To learn more about our private 1-on-1 sessions in a clinically-controlled environment at our Southwest San Jose studio click here. To learn more about our 1-on-1 online virtual training programs that take place in the comfort of your own home click here.

  • 2937 Union Ave. #A
    San Jose, CA 95124
  • (408) 560-4147

Trainers At This Studio

Maria Beers

Facility Manager

Personal Trainer at:
SW San Jose, CA

After spending 20+ years in the corporate world, Maria Beers changed career paths to pursue her passion for health and fitness. Over the years, she has done cardio funk aerobics (very similar to the current day U-Jam), step aerobics, Tae-Bo, hot yoga and conventional weight-training. Not to mention she has run 4 half-marathons. However, she believes slow motion strength training has been the most intense and effective workout by far!

When Maria decided to pursue personal training, she felt most aligned with the methodology and environment The Perfect Workout offered. After getting her Personal Trainer certification in 2013, Maria joined the Southwest San Jose studio. “I enjoy the contribution I make in improving the quality of my clients’ lives and I enjoy the connections we make together!”

Maria ultimately had to stop running due to chronic low back pain, but slow-motion strength has been a consistent workout she’s been able to do and is now pain free. In addition to her own successes of getting stronger and being injury-free, Maria has helped many clients achieve their goals. One client in particular, a woman with Parkinson’s, had been expecting her Neurologist to up her medication dosages. But as a result of working with Maria, her client had not only increased her strength, but has been able to keep her medication dosages the same. “Her Neurologist was impressed with her progress and encouraged her to continue at The Perfect Workout.”

Maria’s passions outside the studio include taking vacation retreats, ideally in different countries. She has practiced yoga on the beaches of Tulum, Mexico, stayed in a castle in Southern France, and gone white water rafting in Costa Rica!

Melissa Brown

Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer at:
Sunnyvale, CA
SW San Jose, CA

California native, Melissa fell in love with fitness and nutrition when she moved to Alabama for college. While studying Musical Theatre, she found herself wanting to share the importance of health and fitness with her classmates. She realized that most of her peers found the gym intimidating. In addition, they often struggled to find time to workout and understand how to exercise effectively. She decided to share her love of exercise and help them.

After training her classmates, Melissa noticed a steady improvement in strength, mental health, positivity, and physical capability. They were no longer running out of breath while climbing the campus hill to class, test scores were improving, and relationships were becoming stronger. This set the stage for Melissa eventually earning her Personal Trainer Certification.

But During those college years, Melissa experienced a setback: numerous concussions. She was finally diagnosed with a chronic illness. She went from dancing every day, to battling chronic fatigue and several debilitating treatments.

In the following months of recovery, Melissa spent time struggling with weakness and incapability, and knew she wanted to do her best to prevent others from experiencing that feeling.

This motivation led to her discovery of slow-motion strength training—She was amazed to find a method that just about anyone could do, regardless of injury or age or fear. Now, Melissa loves being part of The Perfect Workout team - a team that truly rejoices with their clients in every victory and dedicates themselves to each client’s goal as if it were their own.

Sherlaine Tse

Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer at:
SW San Jose, CA

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