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San Mateo, CA

The Perfect Workout San Mateo offers private personal training for everyone! Located off O-Farrell Street, near the 92 Freeway, this semi-private studio is the home of a revolutionary method of exercise. Slow-motion strength training produces numerous benefits such as strength gains and weight loss and The Perfect Workout has been specializing in it for over 20 years. If you live or work near the San Mateo location and would like to see how working with a Personal Trainer can work for you, book a session today! Trainers   How It Works

  • 1941 O-Farrell Street #110
    San Mateo, CA 94403
  • (650) 338-2069

Trainers At This Studio

Valerie Anderson

Facility Manager

Personal Trainer at:
San Mateo, CA

Growing up, Valerie was involved in many activities such as dance, gymnastics, soccer and swimming. Her active sports lifestyle shifted to weightlifting after college. She began to take exercise and nutrition seriously and when she made them a part of her day to day routine, she dropped 30 pounds. She saw how much her life changed and how incredible she felt from consistently working out and eating nutritious balanced meals.

Valerie was born in Redwood City and grew up in Folsom. When Valerie decided to move back to the San Francisco Bay Area to live, she came across The Perfect Workout and was drawn into slow-motion strength training. She was very interested in the scientific research behind it all and the amazing benefits that come from it. “I’ve been able to gain more strength in my lower body and lift heavier weights than I thought my body was capable of doing, which has been great!”

Valerie previously worked as a trainer for a kickboxing gym and was used to doing momentum workouts, so when she was put through a slow-motion workout herself, she was amazed at the difference she felt between the types of working out—she loved slow motion so much more! Knowing that it is an incredibly safe and efficient way to work out, she was excited about making a change in her own workouts. After implementing the slow-motion protocol in her routine, she decided to help others incorporate this method and truly revolutionize the way people exercise.

In April 2018, Valerie committed to helping others change their lives through fitness in the safest, most effective way. So, she joined The Perfect Workout’s San Mateo team and quickly began helping clients hit their goals. “I was able to help one of my first clients to  lose 20 pounds!”

Valerie is very excited to be able to help change all her clients’ lives and help them live the healthiest lifestyle they can. Valerie is very kind and loves to work with each one of her clients to help them reach their own personal health and fitness goals. She loves how personable 1-on-1 training can be. “I take the time to really get to know my clients and what they want to achieve. I like how I can spend that time making sure we can customize our workout to their needs.”

Valerie is a very hard worker and has developed workouts for all kinds of clients, from world-class athletes to developing custom workouts for seniors. “I always give my clients great workouts and work with them on whatever goals they had.” As a result of her hard work and success with clients, Valerie was chosen to be a Facility Manager and took over the Sunnyvale studio in June 2019.

Valerie prides herself on creating a warm and welcoming environment at the Sunnyvale studio. “I strive for my studio to be a positive place to come, and a place full of encouragement. Everyone at The Perfect Workout is friendly and brings something special to the table.” Valerie enjoys working with the different personalities and coaching styles of all of her trainers. “It helps me grow more as a person and as a leader and I’m lucky that I have a great team to work and grow with.”

When Valerie is not working she enjoys working out, doing yoga, rock climbing, and going on hikes. She also loves being in the sun, wake surfing, wakeboarding, and snowboarding! “When I’m not working, I like to focus on my own health and fitness goals so I stay as active as possible. I want to keep growing my muscles and pushing myself in every aspect ” Valerie is also actively working towards hitting her professional goals. “I want to continue to advance within the company and grow as much as possible. I try to learn from everyone I get the chance to meet.”

Charity Youngblood

Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer at:
San Mateo, CA

Charity Youngbood believes her purpose in life is to encourage and motivate anyone she comes across. As a Personal Trainer at The Perfect Workout, loves that she gets to do that in a 1-on-1 setting while helping her clients improve their health. Charity want her clients and potential clients who are struggling to live a healthier and more active lifestyle to know that they are not alone, and with the right mindset, plan, resources, and support system, we can make their goal of healthier living a reality!

“Inside our Personal Training sessions is where we go well beyond the exercises. Together, we can build strength, build muscle and build confidence.”

Jeff Rosario

Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer at:
San Mateo, CA

Cameron Nolasco

Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer at:
San Mateo, CA

Born and raised in San Diego, Cameron Nolasco took full advantage of the sunny beach lifestyle. In fact, Cameron learned to how to swim by the age of 2, before even walking. In addition to other beach sports such as surfing and volleyball, he also played soccer, basketball, tennis, golf, lacrosse, and baseball.

Beyond sports, Cameron was also had a passion for art. Growing up with constant physical activities, Cameron would unwind  through sketching, painting, and photography in his spare time. This passion led Cameron to an Art History/Studio Art degree with a minor in Health Education from San Francisco State University.

Cameron used his degree to work with kids in education, sports, and outside activities. Working at the YMCA,   after school care, and as an educational assistant.  Through these experiences, Cameron had collected a plethora of methods for making education both fun and intense.

Then Cameron got introduced to slow-motion strength training! After being exposed to the workout and the trainers at The Perfect Workout, he realized that he wanted to become a trainer too. He felt a pull to help clients, teach others how to properly exercise and have an impact on other’s lives in a new and exciting way.

In December of 2017, Cameron joined The Perfect Workout and has since been a part of the  San Mateo team. “It’s incredible what we get to do every day. You really get to know and learn about each person.” In addition to connecting on a personal level, Cameron loves having a role in helping clients achieve their goals. One of his clients, Thomas, worked with him consistently and saw fantastic results in the first 3 months. “We would measure his progress every week, and at every check-in he would be 1-3 pounds down. Thomas lost a total of 20 pounds those first couple of months.”

When Cameron isn’t in the studio, he continues to explore his artistic side, play sports, read, travel, and watch Bay Area sports with family and friends. Cameron plans to go back to school to pursue a future in the medical field, but for now he is helping the clients at The Perfect Workout change their lives!

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