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Wheaton, MD

Do you live in the Wheaton or Silver Spring areas and are looking for a personal trainer? The Perfect Workout has 9 locations across the D.C. Metro area including the Wheaton studio! Located off Ferrara Drive and Viers Mill Rd, there’s a team of Personal Trainers helping people just like you! The Personal Trainers in the Wheaton studio are certified in slow-motion strength training which produces game-changing fitness results with just two workouts a week. If you’d like try a workout for yourself and see how it can help you, schedule a session! Trainers   How It Works

  • 3937 Ferrara Drive
    Silver Spring, MD 20906
  • (301) 760-2459
  • admin@theperfectworkout.com

Trainers At This Studio

Tony Ferguson

Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer at:
Wheaton, MD

Anulichi Okorie

Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer at:
Wheaton, MD

Anulichi Okorie grew up in the Washington, DC area as a track and lacrosse athlete. She fell in love with the hard work, dedication, and discipline required by sports. After suffering several injuries, Anulichi had to cut down on her extensive running regimen. But she still wanted to be able to exercise at a high intensity, so she sought other methods. She discovered slow-motion strength training and realized that it would give her all the benefits of running (and then some!) without the damage to her joints.

She fell in love with the unique style of exercise and decided that with a certification in the method and her rich sports background, she would make a fantastic Personal Trainer. Anulichi joined The Perfect Workout, and began working with clients in the Wheaton studio.

Anulichi uses her personal passion for exercising and staying fit to help each one of her clients at The Perfect Workout to realize their full potential and feel great.

When she is not in the studio, Anulichi ls working on dual degrees in Business in Biology. She also loves spending time learning new languages through non-English TV shows, working with children teaching Sunday school, and reading.

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