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Where science meets personalized support: Explore a tailored wellness approach to sustainable fat loss and long-term vitality.

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Why Exercise Alone Isn't Enough

While crucial, exercise is only one part of the health equation. True health encompasses nutrition, sleep, stress management, and hydration. Neglecting these can limit the benefits of your workouts. A comprehensive approach ensures lasting, balanced results.

The Ultimate Goal

Experience transformation that revolutionizes your life. Elevate your mood, enhance comfort in movement, and extend your vitality.

Be Pain-Free.

Combat aches and ditch the daily distractions of discomfort. Embrace a life where every movement is fluid and free from pain.

Live Long & Well.

Don’t just count the years—make the years count. Pursue a rich, vibrant lifestyle and embody the essence of living well through sustainability. 

Affectionate senior couple in winter attire, sharing a moment of connection and joy outdoors.
Radiant woman with a bright smile, exuding confidence and well-being.

Look Good.

Good health is always a good look. Step into confidence with a body that reflects your dedication.

Feel Good.

Welcome resilience in mind, body, and spirit. Revel in mental clarity as you take on your day with sustained energy and dependable strength.

Proven Process

True progress: success beyond exercise

A full picture of health encompasses more than just exercise. For a balanced approach, we incorporate the core essentials: nutrition, sleep, stress management, and hydration. A well-rounded strategy that offers a complete solution to fitness and sustainable health improvements.

Your Goals, Made Easy

Unlock the path to your wellness goals, and say goodbye to pesky setbacks and fitness frustrations.

What You'll Get
No More Worrying About

Key Areas of Focus for Our Members

Explore the critical elements we emphasize for holistic health and lasting transformation.

Customized workout routines designed to meet your unique goals and fitness level, enhancing strength, flexibility, and endurance.

Strategies to promote restorative sleep – essential for recovery, mental clarity, and overall health improvement.

Guidance on optimal hydration to support vital bodily functions, improve physical performance, and maintain energy levels.
Techniques and practices to manage stress effectively, fostering mental well-being and enhancing life quality.
Personalized dietary advice and supplement plans to nourish your body, support your fitness efforts, and speed up recovery.
Utilizing cutting-edge tests to provide a deep understanding of your unique health profile, informing personalized wellness strategies.
Comprehensive evaluations to track progress in fitness, overall health, and cognitive function, ensuring a well-rounded approach to your well-being.

How It Works

Simple steps to embark on your personalized wellness journey.

How It Works

Simple steps to embark on your personalized wellness journey.

The Importance of Heath & Wellness

Who’s it for?

Wellness advising is great for people who…

Who’s it for?

Wellness advising is great for people who…

See Our Members’ Results

“I can enjoy being out in the yard and doing what I want to do. I’ve even got [muscle] definition… I’ve never seen that before.”
Picture of Robin Lancaster, North Carolina
Robin Lancaster, North Carolina
“This is a super viable option. Just a real power workout. It’s the best option for me because my life is as hectic as it is.”
Picture of Brucie Melvin, Bay Area, California
Brucie Melvin, Bay Area, California
“My belly has gone down tremendously. And I feel like I have muscle now. I just feel more healthy. I’m definitely more active in general, just having the energy that I haven’t had in a long time.”
Picture of Frances Aparicio, Chicago, IL
Frances Aparicio, Chicago, IL
“I feel stronger, especially arm strength. Carrying groceries, riding a bicycle, I can go up hills a little further than I used to. I just feel like I have more energy.”
Picture of Marcia Farrar, Bay Area, California
Marcia Farrar, Bay Area, California
“Then you started Virtual workouts and I thought, Aha. This has been a blessing to be able to go back. I took it up right away.”
Picture of Christine Gandel, Montana
Christine Gandel, Montana

Frequently asked questions

Yes. Each trainer goes through our extensive education process. Most personal training certifications do not require any hands-on training to get certified. At The Perfect Workout, our certification goes beyond books and heavily involves hands-on training with real people. We test our trainers’ knowledge and expertise with numerous written and practical exams. All Personal Trainers are AED/CPR certified and are required to complete continuing education as part of their employment with The Perfect Workout.

Yes. Many of our members have limitations or prior injuries that require us to modify the workout. Our Personal Trainers are qualified to accommodate most limitations. We recommend seeking the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

Generally, our members should expect to see improvements within the first 6 weeks, however, some members say they see and feel results almost immediately. Of course, results are determined by how well your body responds to the stimulus of exercise, your nutritional habits, and how effectively you learn to challenge your muscles. Different people see results in different amounts and at different rates.

We have a range of membership options that can suit any budget. Packages vary in cost depending on the length of commitment, frequency of training, and studio location. Our personal training sessions range from $295-$695 per month and our Virtual Training program ranges from $255-$465 per month.

Training with The Perfect Workout one or two times a week is extraordinarily cost-efficient, compared to exercising three or four times a week for an hour with traditional methods, for the same amount of benefit. For more details on package prices and current promotions please contact us at (888) 803-6813.

Our studios are Medical Fitness Facilities and classified as an essential health business. We follow the Medical Fitness Association (MFA) guidelines for safety which are stricter than the CDC’s guidelines.

For optimal results, we recommend working with a Personal Trainer for safe and effective slow-motion strength training. Achieving a productive workout, both physically and mentally, can be challenging solo. However, slow-motion strength training is something you can implement on your own. Our Personal Trainers offer guidance to seamlessly integrate this sustainable exercise method into your lifestyle.

You can either train at an intense rate for a short period of time, or at low intensity for a long period of time. Our methodology is based on brief, intense workouts that exercise the entire body in an effective and time-efficient manner. The only thing that makes this workout “too good to be true,” is that very few people understand how to correctly implement this methodology the way that we do. With our coaching and your commitment to giving your best effort for 20 minutes, you’ll be able to reshape your body with a much smaller time investment than it would take using other exercise methods.

Our Studio Introductory Sessions last 40 minutes, while Virtual Introductory Sessions run 1 hour. During these sessions, you’ll receive personalized 1-on-1 instruction in slow-motion strength training and experience a tailored sample workout. Your Personal Trainer will assess your experience level, any current injuries or limitations, and together, you’ll set clear goals with a plan to achieve them. Subsequent appointments are 20 minutes each, with the workout itself typically lasting approximately 20 minutes.

Absolutely! Prior exercise experience is not necessary to see results with our method. Slow-motion strength training is highly effective and modifiable, making it suitable for beginners. Our certified trainers provide personalized guidance, adapting to each client’s pace. The Perfect Workout approach caters to all experience levels, whether you’re a fitness enthusiast with an advanced background or new to exercise altogether. Give it a try and experience the benefits firsthand!

Anything that you feel comfortable exercising in is best. The workout itself is brief, and we keep our studios cool, so any light-weight clothing that allows you to move easily is best. Exercise apparel is recommended but not required; some of our members have been known to work out on their lunch breaks wearing jeans or dress slacks. But we do suggest arriving to the studio ready to work out.

This question often comes from our female members, and the answer simply is no. Slow-motion strength training will help you build lean muscle mass. By adding muscle, you will tone your body and increase your metabolism to burn more fat. Since muscle is denser than fat, adding muscle and losing fat will make you smaller and firmer.

Yes. While crucial, exercise is only one part of the health equation. True health encompasses nutrition, sleep, stress management, and hydration. Our Wellness Coaching provides a comprehensive approach ensuring lasting, balanced results. you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of your body’s needs and how to optimize your health.

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