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From Battling Lymphoma to Getting Stronger, Leaner, & Healthier at 57. How Gina Did It

Gina faced a number of setbacks during the pandemic while battling Lymphoma…
A before and after picture of a woman who transformed her life through The Perfect Workout


Gina, 57, embarked on a journey to reclaim her health and physical fitness after facing setbacks during the pandemic and battling Lymphoma. Now she’s stronger, leaner, healthier, and more optimistic than ever. Here is her story…

“I had always been active and paid attention to my fitness, but a catastrophic illness [cancer] during the pandemic put everything on hold. There was no time to work out, and the treatment caused my weight to shoot up dramatically.”

However, Gina refused to let these challenges define her. After being declared cancer-free, she was determined to rebuild her strength and improve her overall well-being. Searching for a solution that would accelerate her progress, she discovered The Perfect Workout in La Jolla.

“I have three criteria when choosing someone to help me reach my goals:
✅ help me get there faster than I could on my own
✅ help me get there more effectively
✅ make the whole journey fun.

The Perfect Workout checked all those boxes.”



Gina dedicated herself to twice-weekly sessions at The Perfect Workout and so far, the results have been astounding.

“My weight is down, my muscle mass is up. My recent physical showed a 27-point drop in cholesterol, which is unheard of! Most of these changes happened in the last six months. I’ve even lost five inches off my waist!”

Gina attributes her success to the Trainers she’s worked with and also to our approach to strength training.

“I give so much credit to The Perfect Workout for making strength training doable. They met me where I was, understanding my challenges and limitations, but they didn’t leave me there. I always feel amazing after each session, and I’ve not been injured throughout the process.”

What Gina found particularly motivating were the progress graphs she received after each session.

“They show how much I’ve improved and how much I’ve gained. It’s incredible to see my progress visually.”

These tangible reminders of her achievements kept her motivated and fueled her desire to keep pushing forward.

As Gina’s physical transformation unfolded, so did her mindset.

“Friends and loved ones used to say, ‘You look great, considering what you went through.’ But recently, a flight attendant remarked that I looked in good shape, and I thought, ‘Yes, I am.’ The Perfect Workout has been a game-changer for me.”

Gina’s journey not only transformed her physical health but also had a profound impact on her outlook on life. Her oncologist even shared positive news about her life expectancy!

“I asked him if what I went through would affect my life expectancy, and he said, ‘Now you’re probably going to live to your eighties or nineties!’ What a game-changer indeed.”

Inspired by her own remarkable transformation, Gina enthusiastically encourages others to join her in embracing The Perfect Workout.

“The Perfect Workout helped me go from rehab to recovery to rebuilding, and I am just getting started.”

Gina’s story is a testament to the power of resilience, determination, and finding the right support system. With her own journey as evidence, she empowers others to prioritize their health and embark on their own transformative paths.

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