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How a Virtual Personal Training Session Works

a trainer answering the questions about how a virtual training session works

How a Virtual Personal Training Session Works

a trainer answering the questions about how a virtual training session works

From Feeling Isolated, Off-Track and Getting Weak to Supported, Confident and Gaining Strength in Just 20 Minutes

After weeks of social distancing, no strength training sessions and more social media than you ever thought you’d consume, you may be feeling a little off track…

Maybe some of your regular routines aren’t so habitual anymore. High intensity workouts have just become walks through the neighborhood and weekend wine tasting has become a nightly norm from your kitchen island.

Chances are you’ve been feeling the effects of isolation, both emotionally and physically and it’s been tough to find the motivation to get back into the swing of things.

We don’t pretend to know how to navigate all the uncertainty that has come with this pandemic, but we do know that we are still here and will continue to support you.

You can still confide in us when you’re struggling to make healthy decisions and get support and guidance in return. You can still get coached through challenging and effective workouts that always leave you feeling confident and proud. And you can continue to get stronger every week… and it still only takes 20 minutes.

Here’s how…

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Getting out of bed feels tough today. Ooh my knee feels stiff- it’s been a while since that happened. Maybe it’s all that gardening I’ve been doing?

Someone has to keep the backyard play-ready for when the grandkids can come back over. Ugh I miss them. Maybe I’ll try to FaceTime them later today.

I pour myself a cup of coffee, grab the iPad and settle into my favorite side of the couch to sift through my emails.

Old Navy is having a 50% off sale… again.
March of Dimes is looking for donations… again.
The Perfect Workout has a new blog post… oh wait, that’s new?

I squint to read the headline before I snag my reading glasses from the desk drawer on the other side of the room. These must belong to my husband Bob, because they slide down my nose with every movement, but they’ll do.

“What is Virtual Personal Training and Is It For You?”

Been asking myself that for weeks now honestly.

I keep reading to find that most of my questions were answered.

What to expect in the session? Okay got it.
The cost? Makes sense.
Equipment needed? Interesting.
My knee replacement? That’s reassuring.

I’m still struggling with feeling like this Virtual Workout thing could be just as hard or effective as my workouts on the machines, and I don’t want to waste any of my sessions.

And then I read it.

“Most of our client’s concerns and questions are resolved in their first Virtual Session. Try it, Risk Free!

I did see a that a bunch of people have been loving it so far.

Virtual Personal Training
Online Personal Training
Online Personal Training testimonial

I guess if I have nothing to lose…

So I clicked the Schedule Now button and sure enough, my normal day and time were available with one of my usual trainers. Let’s try this virtual thing.

Within almost minutes I got an unexpected text from my trainer, “Fran! I just saw you on my schedule for Thursday and I’m so excited! Be on the lookout for some info in your inbox. I cannot WAIT to train you again 😁”


Two minutes until my first Virtual Workout starts.

I just got used to FaceTiming the family, now this Zoom thing… Oh much easier than I thought. I just had to click a button and– zoom, there’s my trainer’s face! Oh how I’ve missed her. I didn’t realize how much I missed her until now. I wonder how she’s been handling all of this…

She’s giving me the low-down on what we are going to do and honestly all I can think is This-is-not-the-studio.

Well here goes nothing… 20 minutes right?



“Fran! It’s so good to see you again and I can’t wait to put you through this workout, it’s a game-changer! Even though I’ve trained you a million times, I went ahead and reviewed your profile and your workout card to plan out your exercises today. As always, I’ll be mindful of your knee and check in with you throughout the workout to see how the body is feeling in general. Sound good?”

     “Sounds great! Let’s give this a go.”

“Perfect! We will continue to utilize our slow-motion method on each exercise but I will be here to remind you of all your cues to go slow, breathe and perform each movement with proper form!”

00:01 “Okay, Fran since you don’t have any equipment yet, we are going to do a bodyweight workout starting with a Slow-Motion Push Up!

    Yikes, I have not done a push up since 1992.

“Don’t worry, we are going to start you off doing a wall pushup which is a little bit less of a challenging angle. This will also take an unnecessary pressure off your knees. We can work up to doing full range pushups on the ground in future sessions.”

     How did she know what I was thinking?! These trainers catch everything, I swear.

00:07 “Begin with a neutral neck and chest close to the wall. Push from your hands, bringing your torso and chest away from the wall— keep your core engaged. Slowly resist your body weight back down to your starting position….”

     Easy, I got this. I lift weights– I can lift myself.

00:18 “I see your hips beginning to drop. Squeeze your glutes and imagine your belly button being pulled up toward the ceiling as you slowly push up…

     Shoot. That’s harder.

0:31 “Remember, we want to keep those arms bent, so try to avoid fully straightening your arms at the top– and slowly turnaround.”

     Why does this feel tough already?

Virtual Personal Training

0:40 “Yes, just like that Fran! Strong core, elbows stay close to the body– and BREATHE. ”

     C’mon push. Breathe. Core tight. Elbows in…

00:49 “Good, now let’s slow it down just a tad. I’ll count you down. 10-9-”

     Slower? I can’t.

00:55 “Yes you can, Fran. You’ve got this. ”

     She’s in my head… again. Gahhh this is tough!

1:00 “Let’s just try for at least one more rep with perfect form. Keep your shoulders away from your ears.”

     Oh gosh, this is it. My last one…

1:15 “YES! Finish this one strong, and just attempt one more. Don’t care how far you get, but let’s try.”

     I’m going to kill her. Here goes nothing…

1:22 “And try for one more inch… good! Carefully lower yourself down and relax at the bottom.”


1:30 “Nice work. How do you feel?”

     “Humbled! That was no cakewalk. I could really feel my chest muscles working and the back of my arms are on fire! It was really challenging to go slow and be in control of my form the whole time.”

“Thought it would be easier without the machines, huh? And that’s only the first exercise- we’ve got 7 more. Let’s rock-n-roll, keep the heart rate up!”

     Oh boy, I’m going to feel this tomorrow.

1:40 “Okay have a seat in that chair and grab the towel. We are going to do a Static Bicep Curl…”

     6:24 Who would’ve thought lying on the ground, posing like a boat would be so hard.
     9:18 It feels good to move again!
     10:46 I loathe abs. Get me outta here.
     13:14 I bet my husband thinks I’m dying in here.
     15:02 Did I lose my strength that fast or is this workout next level?

17:22 “Alright, this is it. Last exercise of the day, the Wall Sit.”

     “We’ve done these in the studio before right?”

“Yes, after your knee replacement we did these for a few weeks before hopping back on the Leg Press!”

     “Didn’t we do it with dumbbells though?”

“We did. But it was at the beginning of your workout when your muscles were fresh. We’ve pre-exhausted the muscles in your legs and glutes already so this will challenge you in a different way. Here we go…”

17:50 “Back flat up against the wall. Walk the feet out in front of you, slide down the wall until your thighs are parallel to the floor– yep right there. Weight is in the heels– let’s begin.”

     I swear she always starts that timer 5 seconds after I start.

18:07 “Keep the shoulders down and relaxed. We’re working lower body only here. Imagine you’re pushing your heels through the floor.”

     Oh my gosh my legs are on fire.

18:30 “Where are you feeling it Fran?”

     “My legs. My butt. My low back a little.”

18:33 “Tighten up the abdominals and push your low back into the wall. Tucking your tailbone under just slightly.”

     “Oh much better. But much harder!”

18:40 “Your body is tired and will naturally do what it needs to do to get through the exercise, even cheating by using parts of the body we aren’t targeting. Keep the weight in the heels. Squeeze the booty and strong abs. Back doing okay?”

     “Yes, much better. Not sure how much longer I can go though.”

18:59 “Your form still looks good, so let’s shoot for 20 more seconds at least. You can do anything for 20 seconds. Breathe with intention and finish strong. Last exercise of the day.”

     Anything. For. 20. Seconds. Breathe.

19:30 “And go ahead and carefully step back with one foot, place both hands behind you to brace yourself and gently climb out of the squat position. You’re done.”

   “You can say that again. Woah. That was a workout. I would not have pushed through those last 20 seconds without your coaching.”

Virtual Personal Training on Zoom

19:39 “Grab some water and take a breather. So, was that what you expected?”

     “Not in the least. I’m shocked at how challenging that was and how fatigued I feel right now. And the fact that you could see every little movement still. It’s like you were right here!”

19:52 “So… Monday same time then?”

     “Oh absolutely. Let’s get me back on recurrings. This is perfect for me right now.”

20:00 “I thought you might say that!”

     “I know this was only one workout, but it’s exactly what I needed. What a confidence booster. Thank you for today, I already feel like I’m getting back on track.”

See what a real life client has to say, seconds after finishing a Virtual Personal Training Session 👇🏻

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Strength training positively impacts our bodies in many ways:

  • Muscle makes your body stronger, firmer and more defined.
  • Gaining muscle boosts your metabolism.
  • You burn more calories all day long, even while you are sleeping.
  • Strength Training + Healthy Nutrition = leaner, healthier body.

But slow-motion strength training does even more than that! Our special method of exercise has been proven to produce other health benefits including:

  • Increased bone density and reversed Osteoporosis
  • Improved Cholesterol levels
  • Lowered Blood Pressure
  • Reduced lower back pain
  • Better sleep
  • Decreased stress levels and more!

20 minutes to a stronger, healthier body and boosted immunity? Yes, and it’s possible for you at home too!

To speak with a Personal Trainer about exercise, nutrition or any help with lifestyle adjustments please call us at (888) 803-6813.


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