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Losing 20+ Pounds & Gaining a Life With Adventure at 62

partners posing for a photo with mountains, a lake, and trees in the background

Losing 20+ Pounds & Gaining a Life With Adventure at 62

Losing 20+ Pounds & Gaining a Life With Adventure at 62

wife and husband posing for a picture in front of beautiful mountain scenery

Shigeko and Alan Williamson were traveling in Italy when they met a fit-looking couple, Richard & Linda McChesney.

They learned that Richard & Linda strength trained for 20 minutes, twice a week at The Perfect Workout in Walnut Creek. Impressed with how they looked, Shigeko later did her research and found positive reviews of the workout and studios.

wife and husband smiling while eating dinner
May 2019 - Before The Perfect Workout

Shortly after, they were traveling down to Orange County from Seattle, where they live, so Shigeko reached out to our Laguna Niguel studio to learn more.

Facility Manager, Kim VanLoon, came in on her day off to provide Shigeko and Alan a custom introductory workout, and they loved it!

Kim gave them pointers on how they could use our method at their own gym and let them know they will be our first clients when we open a studio in Seattle.

Luckily, they didn’t have to wait for that moment because once we started offering Virtual Training, the Williamsons were some of the first people to get on board.

husband and wife standing in front of a christmas tree together
Dec 2019

In June 2020, Shigeko enjoyed her first virtual workout and was pleasantly surprised at how effective it was. Immediately, she and her trainer, Ani, created a plan to help her lose weight, get stronger.

After a few months of consistent training, Shigeko began getting comments from health practitioners and her husband on her muscle mass and strength gains. She also saw the changes in her body and knows this is important for her longevity and wellness.

As for the changes, see for yourself-

woman sitting on a park bench smiling
September 2020, 3 months later after she began at The Perfect Workout.
“Five months into The Perfect Workout I was able to arm wrestle competitively against my 34-year-old daughter!”
The guidance Shigeko has received from her trainer spans beyond her workouts. Together they also created steps to change her diet, resulting in one of her goals reached- 20lbs lost.
woman standing in front of a mural of angel wings with a halo above her

After seeing his wife’s progress, Alan decided it was time for him to join Virtual Training as well. He wanted to strengthen his knees and build the muscles up around the knee again so they could stay active during their travels together.

woman standing on a mountainside with snowy mountains in the background

In July 2021, Shigeko upped her workouts from once a week to twice a week and noticed faster strength gains.

“I lost quite a bit of weight, my posture is better, I am stronger, and people say I also look younger.”

husband and wife doing virtual training workouts in the rain in Hawaii
“One of the advantages of Virtual Training is being able to get our workouts even while traveling. This one was taken at Princeville Park in Kauai. It rained very hard, but it didn’t stop us!”
husband and wife stopping for a photo in front of mountains

“I made some priority changes to my life. I now prefer investing in The Perfect Workout over new clothes, facials, massages, dining out, etc. Training with Ani has become a highlight for my week. Thank you, Ani and The Perfect Workout.” (Shikego)


Shigeko & Alan Williamson (62)
Seattle, WA
Virtual Members

To speak with a Personal Trainer about exercise, nutrition or any help with lifestyle adjustments please call us at (888) 803-6813.


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