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Virtual Training is Here to Stay: How to Get Started

virtual training here to stay

Virtual Training Is Here To Stay

Strength Trainer Long Beach CA

The world around us is beginning to open back up but do you know what’s sticking around?


Virtual meetings, virtual birthdays, and most definitely, Virtual Personal Training.

Chances are you’ve heard about Virtual Personal Training and if you haven’t tried it you might be thinking:

  • Is this for me?
  • Is it worth it?
  • How can it be personal if it’s virtual?
  • Can’t I just do this on my own?
  • Is it as good as in-studio workouts?

So, we’re here to answer your questions, beginning with everything you need to know on how to start Virtual Personal Training.

Our Virtual Personal Training program begins with a 1-hour introductory session. Every session after that is only 20 minutes. In this 1-hour session with a Personal Trainer we will:

Go Over Goals & Health History: We want to make sure we fully understand why you are here, what you want to improve, and if there are any injuries or limitations we need to be mindful of.

  • Introduce You to Slow Motion Strength
  • Training: Teach you our 20 minute, twice a week method and WHY it is the most effective way to exercise.
  • Demonstrate the Exercises: See the method in action and deepen your understanding of
  • Have You Perform the Exercises: This is the fun part! You get to take what you learned and do the exercises as a Trainer coaches you through them.
  • Answer All of Your Questions: We won’t leave you hanging. You’ll get a chance to ask questions and decide on a personal action plan with your Trainer.
  • Your Goals & Health History: We’ll begin your session by going over some of the most important information- all about you!

You and your Personal Trainer will have an in-depth discussion about what goals you’d like to achieve and why. It’s important to have clarity on what the future version of you looks like so we can customize our approach to helping you get there.

We understand it’s intimidating to try something new and it can feel like a struggle to find a program that works for you. The more we know about you and your past health obstacles, the more successful your future sessions will be.

Next, we will address any current or previous injuries and/or limitations you may have relevant to working out. Our method is extremely customizable and our Trainers are taught how to adapt to a variety of injuries.

Having a clear understanding of what your body is capable of now, and the goals you have set out to achieve will help your trainer know when and where to adjust the workout. This will keep you safe and maintain effectiveness of the workout.

Personal Trainer Long Beach CA

introducing slow-motion strength training

We call our workout “perfect” because:

  • It’s safer…when you move slowly, you protect your joints and ensure your muscles do all the work
  • It’s more effective – again, your muscles are doing all the work without the help of momentum so you get a more effective workout
  • It’s more efficient – it’s tough to move slowly, and that makes it more intense, which means you get a better workout in less time! Woohoo!

With these things in mind, you’re getting stronger in the safest, most efficient and effective way possible. And lots of things happen when your muscles get stronger:

  • Increased muscular strength is one of the few things you can do to increase your bone density
  • Prevents fractures and joint replacements, and spinal degeneration as you age
  • It increases longevity and overall health span
  • Supports balance (so you are less likely to get injured if you do fall)
  • Has been shown to increase and support a strong immune system
  • Strength has been shown to directly affect more rapid recovery time from surgeries

One very special thing about slow motion strength training: It directly impacts the activation and release of myokines. Myokines are proteins created by your muscles in response to exercise that flood your body and play a crucial role in improving your health! They can improve your immune response, tissue regeneration, and brain health. They also play a role in your memory, sleep, and mood. Myokines are why strength training is essential for longevity.


It’s one thing to hear how effective our method is, but it makes the most sense to see it and then experience it for yourself. Before you do a workout, we will demonstrate what an ideal exercise entails so you have a better idea how to perform them in your own sessions.

workout setup & the exercises

Because your Introductory Session is all about learning, you won’t need to do a full workout to understand the concept of our method or feel its effectiveness.

We promise that one or two exercises will do the trick.

Your Personal Trainer will teach you how to do a real exercise, tailored to your body and abilities, and will coach you to complete it with proper form and adequate intensity.

You will also use this time to assess an ideal camera and equipment set-up for the workout. Everyone has a different workout space and varying options when it comes to workout equipment, so your Trainer will be sure to factor both of those things into your time together.

But don’t worry, all you truly need to get in a great workout is your body and the space of a beach towel. So don’t let having no equipment or small spaces stop you from trying.

This is the fun part and typically the “Aha!” moment for our clients, so have fun!

Fitness Trainer Long Beach CA

all your questions answered

Once you’ve performed the exercises you will have an opportunity to ask any remaining questions you may have.

Your Trainer will also give you a recommendation for next steps based on your experience together and the goals you want to achieve.

To see if we’re the right fit, Schedule a FREE Introductory Call today!

The only way to see if this is a good fit for you is to experience it yourself. Many of our clients were skeptical before trying Virtual Personal Training, but the response has been overwhelmingly positive now that they’ve done it.

We’ve come up with a solution to workout anytime, anywhere, all while doing it safely and effectively. There’s no reason NOT to do it.

To speak with a Personal Trainer about exercise, nutrition or any help with lifestyle adjustments please call us at (888) 803-6813.


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