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Our Trainers

Our personal trainers have been helping people transform their bodies for more than 20 years.

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1-on-1 Strength Training

We provide fitness coaching to a wide variety of clients with passion and precision. Our Personal Trainers have helped thousands of clients gain strength and energy, slim down, transform their bodies, and improve the quality of their lives. Learn more about strength training.

A New Approach to Personal Training

Specialized Certification

Each of our trainers is accredited in Slow-Motion Strength Training. Our certification is extensive, hands-on and specialized in safety and efficiency.

Customized Approach by Fitness Level

Our trainers tailor the workout to your personal abilities, experience level and fitness goals.


Built-in Accountability

You’ll receive encouragement and coaching to achieve maximum productivity. From remembering appointments to accomplishing goals, our trainers help you stay on track, every step of the way.

Featured Trainers

Kim VanLoon
Laguna Niguel, CA

Being 50 has never looked so strong! Long time Personal Trainer and grandmother, Kim VanLoon has been a part of The Perfect Workout’s personal training team for 10 years and has helped other’s change their lives, just like she did.

Devin Butler
Orland Park, IL

Certified Personal Trainer and Life Coach, Devin Butler is passionate about helping people change their lives- body, mind, and spirit!

Crystal Poli
Paoli, PA

Crystal Poli has years of experience in educating others with patience and compassion. A few years ago, she decided to shift this skill set from teaching Kindergarten into helping people achieve their fitness goals.

Denise Nunez
Carlsbad, CA

For over a decade Denise Nunez has been customizing workouts and helping people meet their individual goals. This active mother of four joined The Perfect Workout in 2007 and has devoted herself to the clients and trainers of San Diego ever since.

Hannah McKinley
Park Cities / N. Dallas, TX

Hannah McKinley is an advocate for strength training and works hard to help people improve their health and wellbeing at The Perfect Workout.

Amelia Hassoun
Mission Valley, CA

When Amelia Hassoun found out she was pregnant, she felt a spark of motivation to create even more health and happiness in her life. She got serious about her workouts and began to notice how incredible life felt as an active mom.

Benefits of Working with Our Personal Trainers

Our team is trained to help you reach your goals. You can expect to experience results when working with our trainers.

  • A more defined body by doing just two, 20-minute workouts a week
  • An increase in strength and energy levels
  • A boost in your metabolism and your body’s ability to burn more fat
  • A safe and supportive workout environment

Why Clients Love Our Personal Trainers

She’s engaged with me, has a very caring personality, and helps get more out of me than I’d get out of myself. Knowing someone is there waiting for you, you’re accountable. You’re more inclined to persist.

Bettye Parker
Colleyville, TX

My trainers push me to the max without being a drill sergeant. I’ll keep doing The Perfect Workout because I’ve never found anything as efficient and as effective. I highly recommend it.

Thom Lowe
Walnut Creek, CA

The people at The Perfect Workout are all excellent. They’re friendly without being intrusive, they’re willing to listen, they’re always ‘up’ and ready to greet you with a smile, and you feel like they’re always looking forward to working with you.

Barbara Black
Newport Beach, CA

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